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The application of the marking system of the inkjet printer in various industries

Our continuous cij printer can allow multiple lines to be combined to print the required text, logo, barcode, QR code, etc. at high speed. The basis of this design comes from Excel on the platform, and Excel's DN easily completes the tasks to be done. Marks and barcodes for all products. The Excel DN on Videojet printers is a perfect printing system that can print multiple lines of text at high speed for customers who want it. Excel's DN can create complex text logos and barcodes. These can easily print high-quality logos on any product and packaging. Because of the built-in wide range of liquids (that is, 135 inks), it has become the best solution for various applications. Maximum speed printing two lines Two advanced technologies allow to perform two lines parallel printing speed up to 279 m/min. With his head, Excel DN can encode up to eight lines of the highest print quality logo directly into the system integration function to create your own logo. The printer also has a small flash memory card. This card allows you to save data and copy them to other systems. Excel's DN has a backlit display function, which is easy to read, even from a distance. Inkjet printers can print two lines faster at 279 meters per minute. There are no spaces between them. Excellent print quality, even in the printed logo. Thanks to the advanced Excel series technology, high-quality production under various conditions, the result of 20 years of experience is the ideal solution for any material, and guarantees There are 135 applications available for demanding ink applications for 20 years. This series has been internally developed by Excel for 20 years and can be used in various application fields due to its advanced technology. Thanks to our years of experience, the development of individual products and the continuous improvement of the Excel series. The Excel DN technology has been perfected to the last detail, so our customers meet the most demanding requirements. This inkjet printer exceeds current standards, which means it is equipped in the future.

The point for LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. is that managerial processes are as important as other inputs in production and can create significant competitive advantage.

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