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The benefits of choosing Imaje inkjet printers for your business

Choosing Imaje inkjet printer can bring you benefits: 1. Easy to install and use. The ergonomically designed Imaje cij printer provides users with an intuitive operation interface and can directly observe the operation of the machine. condition. Moreover, its compact design and bracket installation can be easily installed on various production lines. 2. High efficiency The Imaje cij printer can achieve a maximum of 8 lines of high-speed printing, and the maximum printing speed can reach 5.5m/s. It far exceeds the coding speed of general cij printers and greatly improves production efficiency. 3. The high-quality automatic Imaje inkjet printer, real automatic equipment, automatic one-key switch machine to clean the pipeline nozzle, automatically adjust the ink pressure, and automatically prompt the user. This series of designs improves the coding effect and reduces The maintenance risk and cost are reduced. 4. Improve running time (1), automatic cleaning on and off (double protection), to ensure trouble-free and fast startup, automatic cleaning only consumes 2cc of additives; (2), continuous use for three weeks without cleaning the nozzle, 60 hours of shutdown and then open 100 % Success; (3), the longest maintenance-free time, 4-year maintenance-free design. Your choice, my expectation, choose a more suitable cij printer, choose a different efficiency! Welcome to inquire! hotline:

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