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The characteristics and parameters of the Xidoli inkjet printer

Xitoris ci2000 continuous cij printer is a new generation of highly and reliable non-contact cij printer, which can mark the surface of a variety of materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, paper, wood, and print production date and product batch number. , Shelf life and other information. The main features of Xitoris ci2000: • Designed specifically for harsh production environments, Nema4 (IP65) protection level and positive pressure air system effectively isolate dust and moisture from entering the machine • ci2000 can print up to 5 lines of text and graphics And bar code information • The Ethernet and RS232/RS485 interfaces of the Internet browser interface provide advanced communication functions for the equipment. Operation interface • WYSIWYG WYSIWYG WYSIWYG information editing, drag-and-drop information segment structure provides users with flexible and convenient information Format•Large VGA backlit LCD display, icon-guided operation menu and full-letter keyboard ensure intuitive and simple operation•Can store more than 1000 messages•Independent on and off keys to help users quickly turn on and off the machine•Automatic diagnosis The function helps users understand the operating status of the equipment and can make corresponding adjustments in time. The maintenance reminder function can prompt the user to perform preventive maintenance in time. The online assistance function allows the user to find the guidance information on the screen without viewing the operation manual. The Ci series of small characters The inkjet printer series adopts a global market-oriented design, with multiple language formats • One-click conversion, you can print a variety of text and custom graphics flexible links • Xitoris products integrate standard hardware configuration, with Ethernet interface, RS232, RS485 and PS2 interface, and has a variety of programming input and programming output, as well as solid state relay output, providing extremely flexible communication functions. The system can complete a variety of communication tasks at the same time. Information transmission and reception can be carried out at the same time, receiving remote users, remote interface and remote database communication. The scanner can be used to call the printing information locally and remotely. The selected remote information can be directly called in the input function, and the information can be flipped and printed. Product technology reset • The output function can be connected to provide an alarm signal or system failure signal. PIXEL PLUSTM patented technology • The Ci series has a patented PIXELPLUS variable pixel function. The built-in intelligent pixel control can print two different sizes of ink droplets of 60 microns or 75 microns, which solves the need for different coding applications on the same device. The print height can be adjusted between 1.5mm and 12mm at the same time. Print small, large, and bold characters with different font requirements. The micro-character level-the printing quality of the micro-character machine is similar to the printing effect, and it is specially designed for small area or high-definition printing needs. It can print extremely fine and tiny characters at high speed at a printing distance of up to 12mm. Ci-Link TM • ci2000 has a patented CiLink technology, which provides a remote connection with an IP address. • The system can be integrated and installed in a work network. The user can easily control all the devices in the network•The built-in web browser interface can be fully controlled•All operations that can be performed on the device can be performed on the virtual browser interface/keyboard•The system can be notified by email Carry out maintenance and error conditions • Remote communication control uses XML format running commands to set, retrieve and browse information, pictures and system parameters. Design features • CI series circuit boards and ink circuit systems are housed in an all-stainless steel material The casing of the fuselage is suitable for damp or dusty harsh environments. The CI series is equipped with a NEMA4 (IP55) grade protective fuselage. The circuit board welding technology and intelligent nozzles and ink circuit system components can detect the operating status. And can automatically adjust the work settings according to environmental conditions to achieve the best print quality. Independent electronic pump, high-quality Teflon pipeline and innovative venturi design, optimize the vacuum recycling system, effectively reduce the volatilization of solvents, thereby Reduce the cost of use and purify the production environment. The installation of the nozzle is not restricted by the location and environment. Built-in heating ensures normal operation even in low temperature environments. • The print head solenoid valve can fully control the ink and solvent, ensuring that the print head is clean and smooth when the machine is turned off or even after a sudden power failure

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