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The development history of small character inkjet printers and paper products

Nowadays, shopping and selling all pay attention to a package, so the development of the packaging industry is also very good, and because of various security issues, ordinary enterprises need to print their own anti-counterfeiting marks on the packaging. At this time, they need to use small The character inkjet printer is now available, and the small character inkjet printer has also played a good role in promoting the development of packaging. Paper products have become one of the important packaging materials in the environmental protection era due to their unique environmental protection characteristics. Paper products have the characteristics of being recyclable, basically renewable, and no pollutant emission to the environment during the recycling process. For the human body, the paper product industry is also very healthy, and no added elements are basically harmless to the human body. For some products, as long as the problem of preservation is solved, paper product packaging will greatly improve sales and product quality. Therefore, paper product packaging appears in more and more industries, especially the food industry, and paper product packaging is also highly respected. Logos often go hand-in-hand with products, and small character inkjet printers support paper packaging very well. In the small character cij printer industry, there are different solutions for the packaging of medium and large paper products. Take our common small packaging as an example. On the packaging of a single product, the production date, product batch number, manufacturer and even some icons must be printed on the packaging of a single product. These can all be done by the small character inkjet printer, and we only need to input the content that needs to be printed into the small character cij printer. For dates, etc., small character cij printers have functions such as basic piece counting and automatic date change. For icons, it is the proud work of small character inkjet printers. For icons such as trademarks, logos, and factory logos, it can be printed. Using our small character cij printer can well complete the packaging tasks of paper products, allowing us to have a good development and promotion, and it is also a very good choice for ourselves.

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