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The difference in the requirements of inkjet printers in several industries

With the strengthening of product quality management and the popularization of the use of two-dimensional code traceability marketing, more and more people have begun to know the product identification, and the inkjet printer has become particularly important. have penetrated into all walks of life, such as medicine, daily chemical, food, wire and cable, etc., and there are differences in the operation of inkjet printers in different industries. 1. Pharmaceutical industry Operation characteristics: The environmental requirements are relatively high, and GMP certification is fully promoted in pharmaceutical operations. There are very strict standards for packaging materials for various inkjet printers, and the packaging of medicines requires high-speed cleanliness. Because the capsules and pharmacology are edible, the ink must be food grade ink. In addition, the shapes of the medicine bottles are various, and an automated material handling system integrated with the inkjet printer is required. In the downstream stage of the coding process, the medicine bottle needs to be autoclaved, which requires the label to have strong adhesion. 2. Daily chemical products When choosing a printer for daily chemical products, manufacturers of daily chemical products must consider the performance of high temperature resistance, high humidity, and high dust. Printing quality, whether a clear and high-quality mark can be obtained, and printing quality are issues that manufacturers care about. The adhesion of inkjet printer ink is usually an important reference index for ink selection. In the high-gloss and high-density surface, high-adhesion inks should be selected. In general, general-purpose inks are better. For products to be packaged immediately after coding, the drying time of the ink is particularly important. Quick-drying inks can be selected, or a blowing device can be added to speed up the drying of the ink. 3. Wires and cables Harsh working environment The working environment of the wire and cable production industry has undoubtedly increased the difficulty of printing operations. Factories are often exposed to external weather conditions, and the weather changes drastically with the seasons, and even changes every day. The environment may change from hot and dry to cold and humid, and it may be abrupt or gradual. Therefore, printing solutions must be able to work reliably under harsh, fluctuating conditions. And must be able to keep up with the speed of mass production. If the printer fails in any way, the extruder or production line will not stop until the batch is completed. This will result in production line downtime, material rework and large amounts of waste for manufacturers. The cost involved in each failure event will be greatly increased. 4. Food industry The food industry belongs to the fast-moving consumer goods industry. The stability and reliability of the production line is the most concerned issue for food companies. For inkjet printers, the problem of easy blockage of the nozzles and downtime is the most troublesome for food companies. This is also an inkjet printer. One of the technical difficulties for manufacturers to compete. With the attention of global environmental protection themes, the prices of environmentally friendly raw materials have generally risen, and food companies have not been spared, and have suffered from cost pressure. Therefore, the energy-saving problem of cij printers has also become an important part of the cost control of food companies. ring. For example, food production requires food-grade ink, which is a chemical substance. How to ensure the safety of edible items is a problem that food companies and printer manufacturers need to consider. The cij printer production line is complete, integrating Ru0026D, design, production and sales. And supporting the production of all the products required by the inkjet printer, including ink, thinner, and cleaning fluid. The unique design of ruby u200bu200bis more durable and durable, and various information such as expiration date and production batch number are printed, in line with the provisions of the Medical Law. No matter it is printing in a small area or in a high temperature environment, the effect is still good and clear.

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