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The era of QR code, the anti-counterfeiting of inkjet printer logo

The stable construction and promotion of food safety benefited from the development of information technology. A more important trend at present is the popularization and use of QR codes. Two-dimensional codes can carry a lot of information and have strong anti-fouling capabilities, and have unique advantages in anti-counterfeiting. At present, the application of QR codes in industries other than food is also increasing. The use of two-dimensional codes will make the technology of the sign industry need to be further improved. For the inkjet printer, an important marking device, the printing of two-dimensional codes is no longer a problem. The important thing is to speed up the work speed and quality of the cij printer. At present, the high-end models in the industry have good inkjet printing effects for QR codes, and the recognition rate of QR codes can reach 70%~90%. However, for the broad application market of QR codes in the future, the cij printer technology needs to overcome Difficulties and technological breakthroughs still have a long way to go. The development of two-dimensional codes can be described as mushrooms after the rain, and the support of cij printers for two-dimensional codes has also become an important subject, and this technical subject has made a major breakthrough to a certain extent. In view of the large amount of information that the two-dimensional code can carry in its small size, and its functions such as anti-fouling and anti-counterfeiting far exceed the common barcodes in one-dimensional codes. Two-dimensional code can become an important member of the product safety traceability system of relevant national departments, and it can carry the major task of establishing product safety. It is also popular. Currently, the application objects of coding technology are mainly divided into two categories. One is the packaging of products, which are mainly distributed in the food, beverage, alcohol and pharmaceutical industries; the other is the product itself, that is, the specification and model of the product are marked on the product, making it a part of the product itself, mainly distributed In industries such as wire and cable, building materials, electronic products and business printing. Moreover, in order to meet the requirements of fast and non-stop production in automated management pipelines, continuous automatic inkjet coding technology has become increasingly mature and widely used. In Europe, the coding technology application market maintained an average annual growth rate of 30%-40% in the 1980s. In the 1990s, it still maintained a high-speed development level of 15%-50% per year. The future prospects are very promising.

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