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The function of egg coding and how to buy egg coding machine?

How to distinguish the freshness of eggs in the market has always made consumers extremely puzzled. Eggs with outer packaging in the supermarket will have the shelf life stated, but a large number of eggs stored in the wholesale market need to pass through multiple transfers such as farms, wholesale markets, farmers' markets, and consumers. When are the eggs produced? How long did it take? Where is the source? A series of questions are unknown. In this case, the coded eggs are accepted by more and more people. The surface of these coded eggs is smooth and clean. The egg shell has gone through a strict eggshell cleaning process in the early stage, so that bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella that may be hidden on the surface have no place to hide. The sprayed production company, brand, farm traceability code or QR code, etc. not only make the source and production information of the eggs clear at a glance, but also play an anti-counterfeiting effect. Egg coding requires an egg coding machine. After buying inkjet eggs, you can find that the ink attached to the egg shell cannot be washed away with water, but it will disappear during the cooking process. This makes many consumers worry about whether the ink will follow the egg shell and The stomata of the inner membrane of the egg penetrate into the inside of the egg. Is it safe to eat? In fact, the ink used by the egg cij printer is not ordinary ink, but edible inkjet ink, which has reached the edible standard, and consumers can eat with confidence. 'A good horse is equipped with a good saddleUsers need to choose carefully when choosing inkjet printer consumables (ink, thinner, cleaning fluid), and purchase with caution. The above is the function of egg coding that the cij printer manufacturers share with you. If you need to buy an egg coding printer, please call us: 020-87227827. More exciting content can be added to this site.

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