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The 'identity' of the egg guarantees the rights and interests of consumers

Eggs are an indispensable part of people's lives, and the price and quality of eggs have become people's most concern. The price volatility of eggs is particularly large during holidays or when supermarkets are engaged in activities. For this reason, the eggs cannot be separated from the cij printer, and the production date, deadline, shift, number, trademark and environmental safety icon can be printed on the surface of the eggs, so that they have their own 'identity'. Food safety is a constant pursuit of people. At present, the price of eggs seems to have stabilized, with ordinary white-shell eggs falling from 6.3 yuan/jin to 5.3 yuan/jin. The price of eggs with a coded production date has dropped from 7.9 yuan/jin to 7.3 yuan/jin, and it is found that ordinary white-shell eggs have dropped from 6.3 yuan/jin to 5.3 yuan/jin, and those with a coded production date have dropped from 7.9 yuan/jin. The catty dropped to 7.3 yuan per catty. Therefore, it can be seen that the quality of the eggs marked by the coding is guaranteed, and the price is naturally higher. After the eggs have their own 'identityAlthough the price of eggs has soared during the holidays, more consumers choose more expensive eggs with inkjet codes. Because the production date is clearly visible and the rights and interests of consumers are more guaranteed, more and more people choose to have sprayed eggs. Code identified eggs. Because it allows consumers to buy at ease and eat at ease.

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