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The importance of analysis of laser marking machine in the food industry

for consumer food industry is a industry, familiar with our daily access to a wide variety of food, food is an indispensable part of people in daily life. With the development of social economy, people's living standard continuously, consumers for food demand is more and more high, in the past that can think of now society can have a wide variety of food so much? For consumers to buy food first consider is the production date and shelf life of the problem, especially for some milk, bread and other products. Which can be speculated that the laser marking machine for the food industry is an indispensable part of.

why customers will focus on food packaging production date? Date of production is simply the commodity production in the day time, and the shelf life is the food should be for the best in your time eating. When the commodities will cause after the expiration date on a certain index can not meet the national food laws and regulations related to quality requirements, do not conform to the requirements of the quality of goods is not qualified, will also to some extent caused certain effect to the health of consumers.

consumers may have a doubt: 'why the goods after the expiry date, and did not find its appearance should be? 'This is mainly because the qualitative change of any kind of food is a continuous gradient of a process, rather than in the process. Food quality is the process of quantitative change, so the shelf life is the businessman in order to make the purchase of consumer trust and do a guarantee. Like consumer commitment within the guarantee period, the taste of food, taste, safety, etc are no problem, once the scope of the warranty is no longer as consumer commitment to food safety problem.

for food producers, food shelf life is not the longer the better, instead of food shelf life is too long, can let the consumer to produce the idea of 'fresh', consumers will think food shelf life can so long because of too much preservatives, which decrease the credibility of the consumers for food quality, at the same time, increased food production and circulation of uncertainty. So businessmen at the time of set commodity shelf life, should stand on the consumer's point of view to consider the problem, after all, consumers are the final buyer.

how do food manufacturers do to will need production date, shelf life information quickly on the fine print in the food packaging? If you want to quickly to print on the packaging, you can't rely on artificial goods one by one processing, need to use the machine - — Laser marking machine, to a commodity memory fast marking on a production date, shelf life of rapid. Mainly because artificial marking may cause the error of the food production date, production of food industry belongs to a process of high-speed production, manual processing will not meet the high-speed production of goods, so they need to choose the technology of laser marking machine for fast marking of logos.

all in all, laser marking machine series products of additional important role in the food industry, is in the process of food production will not lack of a part. To solve the goods date, shelf life in the food industry and other relevant information for the code, then can let consumers see goods date, shelf life after more rest assured to buy.

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