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The importance of UV laser marking machine in industrial manufacturing

In industrial manufacturing, packaging labels and information labels of various products are inseparable.

The most familiar are some signs, trademarks, company names, icons, logos and other information. Of course, there are also some labels, barcodes, QR codes, dates, numbers, characters that we see on commodities in our daily lives , Numbers, English and other information.

The existence of this kind of information requires the use of equipment to be able to design according to the user’s expectations. The industry involved is quite wide, but because of this, it is possible to have a close relationship between the industry and the industry. Inseparable connection, and promote the continuous development of society.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine

As one of the types of laser marking equipment, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is also an indispensable marking equipment in the marking industry. It can help users to perform simple or Complex information marking and identification are an indispensable part of the sign industry.

Working principle

The working principle of ultraviolet laser coding machine is realized by photochemical ablation, that is to say, relying on the high energy of the laser to produce objects or chemical reactions on the surface of the object, and then form a part of the mark. Kind of mode.

The wavelength of ultraviolet is only 355nm.

The extremely small spot and thermal influence (negligible) give it ultra-fine and special material marking effects, which is an inevitable choice for those high-end industries that require ultra-fine processing.

Ultraviolet laser marking is unmatched by other laser machines in terms of special materials, fine marking, fine engraving, and fine processing.

For any industry's identification information solution, it can complete the task exquisitely, and it occupies a particularly important role in the identification industry.

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