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The laser engraving machine lackluster logo design what reason be

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-30
Generally speaking, during the process of the laser engraving machine use always encounter all sorts of problems, such as the laser carving logo designs are dim, red light out light, marking the effect is not clear, content deflected and so on. Some problems need to repair professionals responsible for checking, but some of the common problem is that we adjust the parameters or accessories can solve. Solution: check whether the heating temperature is too low, moulding pressure drop. Process control points: moulding pressure moulding temperature must be taken into account comprehensively, the kinds of holographic material or coating softening point moulded version of the situation, etc. Pressure is too high, press the holographic material molded version easily damaged or bad; Pressure is too low, moulded image is unclear, incomplete; Moulded speed can be adjusted according to the quality of stamping machine performance, such as comprehensive. Solution: check whether the thickness of the molded version even, moulding pressure is too small, the temperature is too low, the machine precision is declining. O within 01 mm and hardness shall be maintained in 230 - 280 n /毫米。 Because hologram is through to a certain pressure moulding roller and die out the interference fringes, if molded version of hardness is not enough, in the process of stamping version internal stress can make moulding deformation or damage. After the laser engraving machine carving radium logo design white solution: check whether moulded speed too slow, mold temperature is too high. When do laser carving laser processing plastic surface common problems are: radium vulture graphic is not clear,, laser carving laser machine carved out by poor, laser carving effect, manifested by too shallow, etc. , ( Text insufficient white and black) , plastic surface burning phenomenon. The cause and solution: because no absorption of laser energy for plastic material, so by adding special additives ( The following radium vulture additives) To solve the above problems. The above is the cause of the several problems and solutions of a summary, the hope can help you
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