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The laser printer marking of the cosmetics profession pays attention to the focal issues

Cosmetics professional inkjet printing position can be printed on the bottom of the bottle, the bottle body, and the label. In the selection of inkjet printers, it is also necessary to determine the type of cij printer used in practice according to the printing position.   Regarding the selection of printer models. are regulated by the cosmetic bottle bottoms and labels. The requirements for inkjet printers are extremely low. Both non-touch cij printers and touch inkjet printers can be used. If the cosmetic bottle body is printed, it is about The selection of inkjet printers is demanding, and the arc-shaped bottle body will affect the printing effect of the inkjet printer. Therefore, for irregular cosmetic bottle printing, Oulance advocates using small character inkjet printers.  Daily cosmetics profession has high requirements for environmental protection of inkjet printers, and high requirements for environmental protection of ink. In terms of professional inkjet printers for daily cosmetics, choose cij printers with stable functions, not easy to leak ink, environmental protection, and exquisite inkjet printing. The production speed of cosmetics industry is fast, and the stability requirements for the function of the inkjet printer are relatively high. As a production date marking device, if there is a problem, it will seriously affect the production power. Therefore, the inkjet printer of the cosmetics enterprise needs advanced service, and the inkjet printer is regularly checked by the inkjet engineer. , To avoid machine failures, and then to ensure the normal production needs of enterprises.

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