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The main factors affecting the price of small character inkjet printers

Small-character inkjet printers mainly use non-contact methods for marking. Because small-character cij printers have fast marking speed, clear results, and wide application range, small-character cij printers have been popular among manufacturers since their birth. The favor of users. Friends who have known small-character inkjet printers will find that the prices of different small-character inkjet printers on the market are quite different, so what causes the price difference of small-character inkjet printers?

component factors. Like other production equipment, the components of the inkjet printer directly affect the price of the inkjet printer. Take the inkjet printer nozzle as an example. According to the different materials, it is divided into stainless steel nozzle and ruby u200bu200bnozzle. Because of the low production cost, the price of stainless steel nozzle is also lower, so it is used in low-end models. Although the production cost of ruby u200bu200bnozzles is high, they are durable and have a longer service life than stainless steel nozzles. Therefore, they are often the first choice for mid-to-high-end inkjet printer brands. It can be seen that the quality of inkjet printer components affects the price of inkjet printers. An important factor, when buying inkjet printers, 'quality determines price' is the eternal law, so when choosing a small character inkjet printer, you should not blindly pursue 'low prices'.

After-sales service for inkjet printers. The working principle of the inkjet printer is relatively simple, but in the process of daily use, it is inevitable that there will be problems that affect the normal use of the inkjet printer, such as the ink line deviation of the inkjet printer, recycling failures, etc., the technical level of the inkjet printer users is limited, and most of them cannot Properly handled. For these minor problems, if they are not solved in time, it will easily lead to greater damage to the printer. This requires targeted guidance from the printer manufacturer, and door-to-door maintenance if necessary, good coding The printer manufacturer has a relatively complete after-sales service for the inkjet printer, which can ensure that the problems of the inkjet printer are solved in a short time, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the stable production of the enterprise. Therefore, choosing low-priced inkjet printers without stable after-sales service is not necessarily a good choice for manufacturers.

The impact of marketing changes on the price of inkjet printers. Online shopping has changed the consumption habits of most people. Especially for production equipment, the network marketing model has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Most companies’ procurement processes have gradually shifted from offline to online. Manufacturers only need to inquire about products-inquiry -Signing contracts-ordering products, etc., sales of products have become easier and more sales companies, compared with traditional marketing methods, the competition of new marketing methods has become more fierce, and the price war of inkjet printers is being staged every day. But it does not mean that the lower the price of the inkjet printer, the more worthy of choice, if there is no good quality and good after-sales service, for business users, choosing a low-priced inkjet printer is often not worth the loss, because more components are replaced Costs and after-sales service costs will be borne by the manufacturer.

, ruby u200bu200bnozzle, sturdy and durable, consistent quality. It can be used in a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, paper, glass, etc., to print barcodes, two-dimensional codes, batch numbers, dates, shifts, and serial numbers, etc., using environmentally friendly inks that meet food requirements, and use edible inks. The business covers more than 30 countries on five continents. From model selection, testing, installation to after-sales maintenance services, its solutions are economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance, and reliable operation. Focusing on quality and focusing on service are the reasons why customers choose inkjet printers.

expiry date printing machine are required in the manufacture of almost every product and date printing machine cij printer is one of the most common machines.

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