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The main use environment requirements of computer inkjet printers

manufacturers pointed out that different product packages need to use different inkjet equipment when printing product information. Now I will briefly introduce you to the main use environment of computer inkjet equipment. It can print production date, newspaper date, expiration date, batch number, model specification, trademark and anti-counterfeiting mark, graphics, etc. on the surface of various filling products, plastic packaging, paper outer packaging products and other different materials and different types of objects. . Computer inkjet printers also have very high requirements for the environment in their work. The following inkjet printer manufacturers will take you to see what specific requirements are:   1. The internal structure of computer cij printers has precise printing heads, so in Avoid mechanical impact and vibration during placement and daily use. The machine should be placed steadily.  2. Since the nozzle diameter of the nozzle of the computer inkjet printer is equivalent to the dust floating in the space, if the working environment is too bad, the nozzle will be blocked. So keep the environment clean.  3. The working environment temperature of the computer inkjet printer should not be too high to prevent the mechanical parts and nozzles of the inkjet printer from being corroded. The above is the environmental requirements of computer inkjet printers introduced by inkjet printer manufacturers, and you are casually reminded to use and maintain strictly in accordance with the instructions when using it. To ensure that the computer cij printer works better and improves efficiency. For more information about inkjet printers, inkjet printers, and imported inkjet printers, please visit our official website:

However, with the increased prevalence of cij printer, it has become far more affordable.

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Although there are various available in the market (such as expiry date printing machine, date coding machine, and date printing machine), recent study results have made this expiry date printing machine cij printer a preferred cij printer choice of the people.

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