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The meaning of coding on foreign eggs

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-17

Dear dears, dear people who love shopping, dear people who eat melons, have you paid attention to the first egg when you are shopping happily? Is the mark of the string?

have it? Today, let’s talk about foreign egg coding. Fresh eggs bought in Spanish supermarkets always have strings of Leadtech Coding on them. What do they represent?

What is the grading of eggs? Let's take a look at the official explanation given by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Cultivation method (most important):

0~Ecological farm eggs. The hens that produce such eggs are in a fully stocked state during the breeding process, and all feeds use ecological agricultural products.

1~Farmer’s eggs. The hens that produce these eggs are in a fully stocked state during the breeding process.

2 ~ Chicken farm eggs. The hens that produce such eggs are in a semi-stocked state during the breeding process, but they are not an outdoor environment. The production process is semi-industrial, and most of the hens have little movement during the breeding process.

3 ~ Chicken cage eggs. The hens that produce this kind of eggs live completely in cages designed for laying hens during the breeding process, with almost no moving space, and the production process is completely industrialized.

Country: Country of origin, ES is Spain. The remaining numbers indicate the specific origin of each egg.

The choice of eggs: The European Union and Spain have strict audit standards for edible fresh eggs. Generally, class A edible eggs need to meet the following requirements: egg skin : Smooth, clean, no hands


Air chamber: no more than 6 mm, extra special grade eggs no more than 4 mm. (The freshness of the egg can be judged according to the size of the air chamber, the smaller the fresher.)

Egg white: transparent, free of impurities, and viscous. Egg yolk: It can be clearly distinguished from the egg white through the highlight, and will not leave the center of the egg after shaking, without impurities.

Embryos: No traces of embryo formation. It should be noted that because of the need to keep fresh, fresh eggs have not undergone any cleaning treatment, so they need to be cleaned properly before eating.

Size: Spanish eggs are divided into 4 grades according to the weight of each egg: XL extra large: 73 grams or larger L large: 63 to 73 grams M medium :53 to 63 grams S small size:

Spain allows mixing different grades of eggs for sale under 53 grams, but there will be a mark on the package.

Due to yield reasons, most ecological eggs in boxes are generally mixed grades. Quality guarantee

Period: The statutory sale period of fresh eggs in Spain is 21 days after the shelf is on the shelf, and the best shelf life is 28 after the shelf is on the shelf.

within days.

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