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The method of fiber laser marking machine black on stainless steel

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-14

In fact, there are only two models on the current mainstream stainless steel laser marking equipment, namely semiconductor laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine.

Because the main parts of these two laser marking equipment, namely the laser wavelength, are about 1060μm-1064μm, their marking effects are very similar.

The only difference is that there are two types: one is the difference of the laser mode, and the other is the highest frequency of the laser.

These two differences can lead to the following differences in stainless steel marking: First, the laser mode can mark stainless steel with good results, especially when the stainless steel marking is black, the marking black can be transferred to the ideal state.

Secondly, the high frequency of the laser (fiber laser) can be almost three times faster than the speed of marking ordinary marks, and the speed of blackening in stainless steel is about twice as fast.

The parameters of these two laser marking machines on stainless steel laser marking are the same, and there is little difference.

The normal setting method is as follows: If the required depth is not very high, the current can be adjusted or the power ratio is not large, and vice versa.

The general black settings used in the black effect of the stainless steel surface are as follows:

1. The current of the semiconductor laser is adjusted to the middle or lower level (if the light is about 8A, it is just adjusted to about 10A. Just mark)

2. For fiber laser marking machine, the laser power is generally switched between 5W and 8W.

3. Marking distance and whitening must be small Around 2~5mm, that is, negative defocus.

4, the marking speed is generally below 100mm/S, if it is a semiconductor laser marking machine, it is below 50mm/S.

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