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The overall identification solution for the pharmaceutical industry

For the overall identification solution of the pharmaceutical industry, we provide a highly flexible tracking solution that can meet the requirements of the factory, widely used international companies and pharmaceutical branch multinacionas control, to ensure the manufacturing environment/packaging and strong data integrity to promote Solomon Systech's Serialized Product Tracking (SPT) SPT (Serialized Product Tracking) is the product of the integrated architecture of transmission and government agencies throughout the distribution chain to minimize risks, reduce operating costs, and maintain productivity and uptime of the production line. A very common application of serialization is in the global pharmaceutical industry. The SPT-defined software factory Solomon Systech Guardian, the control software online SYSTECH consultant and the electronic visual inspection system SYSTECH SENTRI executed marked the project, the two-way communication between the case and the pallet and packaging line and the information technology environment (TI) from the client. SYSTECH GUARDIAN? Connects the level between the packaging line of the device and the ERP system. Controlled two-way data transmission. Allow offline transactions including rework, centralized palletizing of trasnferência inventory. SYSTECH consultant? Control and management level online. Execute the necessary assembly code (cartridge box, pallet box), send and receive data line factory-level system-SYSTECH GUARDIAN? Electronic inspection, including visual interface, flexible operation, communication equipment (printer, camera, PLC, etc.) and advanced electronic vision Check SYSTECH's SENTRI? solution. Primary, secondary and tertiary coding and marking packaging Videojet provides dial cutting-edge technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Different packaging materials (text and barcode) printers are specially designed to make the application serialized. Architecture Videojet coding machine Datamatrix two-dimensional bar code generates high-quality, existing packaging production line speed printer/labeling label, large character inkjet to make up the selection range, before the integrated installation of the secondary and tertiary packaging dialing system: project manager, Videojet factory Visit to evaluate the production line and process, determine the requirements, and propose the best configuration to meet the requirements. ANVISA system settings: Working with Solomon Systech, Videojet will ensure that the tracking system is pre-configured before your body is installed in the factory’s hardware and software. Dijie's technical experts will accompany the system installation: install and configure the tracking system. The flexible design of the tracking system allows a modular installation to start the system with less interference during the production process: Videojet’s technicians will monitor and support the system together with operators and responsible customers to ensure that the tracking system functions as specified Post-departure support: Videojet's service network can provide customers with a service plan, when necessary, to ensure that customers keep your production line running continuously.

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