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The past and present of the laser marking machine brand

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-03

The days when products were the same are long gone, and customer demand has fueled diversification in the food and beverage sector - lots of flavors, lots of sizes, lots of packaging options. With the sharp increase in product variety, manufacturers must frequently dismantle and replace production lines. This means that with each replacement, there may be longer downtimes and the potential for human factors to be incorrect in practice. Laser cij printers are not a new technology application, but in the past two years, this technology has achieved many important developments, solving the previous limitations and making it more common.

In this market research report, you will see how laser printers have evolved in terms of quality, reliability and practicality since their inception.

Initial laser printing machine technology

The first laser Laser marking system software was delivered almost 30 years ago. The early pioneers saw the potential of lasers for flexible barcode development without printing inks and organic solvents. Much of the initial system software was handcrafted, and this type of laser is not particularly suitable for the extreme natural environment of the food industry. Nor can they operate 24/7. The barcode rate is also not very fast, nor can the path of the laser be manipulated quickly and precisely.

With the development and improvement of technology, laser coding software has just begun to gain popularity in some industries. The initial users include large and medium-sized beverage companies with large production volumes. Later, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and bioscience industries saw the potential for laser printers when considering instantiation and retrospective regulations. However, this initial system software still has some major limitations. In most cases, laser printers are only suitable for special industries.

Advantages of lasers

With the concentration of output power With the application of the development trend of modernization and the improvement of the ease of use of the sheet, many limitations of laser coding have been removed, and some advantages have been presented. Compared with the system software of two years ago, laser Leadtech Coding has already stepped on a long road. Here are a few reasons why laser coding is a must today.

Marking Quality

Laser coding creates clear, sharp, consistent and permanent marks. No black inks or organic solvents must be maintained, resulting in consistent marking quality. This represents less and less preparation. In addition to this, as the requirement for device-readable markings becomes more common, marking quality will become more and more critical in the next two years.

Integration and fully automated transformation

The integration of machines and equipment on manufacturing and packaging lines has generated new insights into operational data. Production workhorse and precision. Ultimately, laser coding can be matched with a reader/visual identification system to ensure consistent marking, which in turn helps ensure high quality and reduces rework.

At a more advanced level, laser printers can be linked to higher ERP, MES or SCADA system software according to domain interface protocols (such as Ethernet interface IP). This level of integration can be applied to complete production line transformation automation technology, improve work efficiency and reduce human error operations, and provide real-time data to facilitate daily management decisions and long-term resource overall planning.

In fact, the ability to integrate work itself is a good reason to upgrade your coding equipment, as the benefits are immediate.

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