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The printer manufacturer teaches you how to install the printer correctly

The installation of the inkjet printer is very important. Once installed, the work efficiency will be too high. The following cij industrial inkjet printer manufacturers will introduce the correct way to install the inkjet printer. 1. Fix the nozzle according to the printing direction and direction, and ensure that the nozzle cover is easy to open and close. The direction of the nozzle of the printer should be as flush as possible with the lower end of the keyboard, and should not be lower than 1 meter from the lower end. 2. The distance between the nozzle and the printing material is between 2-25mm (determined according to the different size of the nozzle). Fix the throat to reduce the influence of external vibration on the printing performance and prevent the possibility of kneading and impact. The bending radius of the throat is not less than 250mm.

Third, the static electricity on the surface of the printing object will affect the printing effect and the stability of the machine operation, so that the ink will accumulate on the lower end of the nozzle and in it. A grounded steel brush can be placed on the surface of the coded object to discharge static electricity. After installing the printer, you should also pay attention to the operation of the industrial inkjet printer. The suggestions are as follows: before printing, insert the ink cartridge, turn on the power switch, clean the print head, and download the modified file to the machine. Because the nozzle has an automatic cleaning function, compared with ordinary household machines, the printing effect is better and the failure rate is lower.

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