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The QR code on food establishes a food safety traceability system for the food industry

Fresh food, cooked food, packaged food, beverages, and all kinds of snacks have formed part of people's lives in the modern life with a high degree of division of labor and cooperation. However, security issues have always been a big doubt that lingers in the hearts of the people, especially in the context of several major security cases created by some lawbreakers, these doubts are being amplified without limit. Food QR code can be described as a fish in water under the dual means of food safety solution and commercial marketing. It has successfully resolved the people's worries about food. There are many advantages to using food QR codes. Competitive conditions of similar foods, foods with QR codes are more likely to seize the market. Just like people have a good preference for green food, green food itself is a public commitment to consumers. And products that carry a large amount of product generation process information can win the trust of consumers more than similar products without QR codes. Two-dimensional codes will also produce marketing effects. The information can be updated dynamically, and relevant marketing methods can be added. When consumers make a purchase, they can create interactive fun. The QR code helps to establish a food safety traceability system. Once a problem occurs, it can be located quickly and strictly controlled to prevent the situation from expanding. For the food labeling industry, the technology of printing two-dimensional codes also needs to keep pace with the times. For example, the cij printer is an important marking machine, and it also needs continuous innovation to adapt to the inkjet printing of two-dimensional codes. This is also another important direction for the development of cij printers.

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