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The reform of the food also cannot leave the existence of the laser marking machine

in fact, the new 'food safety' as early as 15 years began to implement the National Day, just before had completely adapt to the need to have a transition period, with 'food safety' synchronous implementation and administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of the food production license management approach ', the implementation of these measures policy for consumers there is a certain change, is simply 'QS' logo will be in three years gradually disappeared, replaced by the 'SC' plus 14 digits of the new food production license number.

three years of the transition period is coming to an end, new production license logo will officially implement in National Day this year. According to the measures for the management of food production license, shows that as soon as possible in order to be able to fully implement the new production licensing system, as well as avoid the waste of producers of packaging materials and food labels, giving producers the longest do not exceed three years of transition. And 'food safety' is the implementation of the National Day started in 2015, and 2018 National Day this year transition period is three years. October 1, 2018 manufacturers produced food shall use the original packaging and identification as well as the original 'QS' logo, but need to choose to use 'SC'. At present in a supermarket can also find some brand on the packaging of goods is conducted in new, have some different with the original packaging.

in the 'SC' production license label food or food additive category of coding by three digital identification, specific as follows: the first digit represents the food or food additive production license identification number, the Arabic numeral '1' on behalf of the food, the Arabic numeral '2' on behalf of the food additives. 2, 3 digits represent the food, food additive category number. These symbols can make consumers for food information more clearly. The existence of this change is without the presence of printing equipment, no matter how identity information change, for the laser marking machine is the same, to be able to meet the manufacturers and related policies and standards to the requirement of identity information.

the food production license number is not to change again, after confirmation of food safety management specification can make consumers more rest assured to buy. Laser marking machine is not affected by the change in food safety law was printed by laser marking production license number is according to the requirements in terms of ever-changing, it would not affect its use and the marking effect. It can bring convenience for manufacturers, at the same time, it has the identity information of permanent, marking effect of fine, performance stability, super long time from the maintainability and high efficiency of marking speed to promote the efficiency of can bring producers.

all in all, no matter whether food labeling information reform, packaging products production license, production date, validity, shelf life is inseparable from the information such as the existence of laser marking machine, perhaps for these information we can also through the laser marking machine to change the font size, or let the identity information is more obvious, to be able to quickly find older consumers.

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