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The risk of using non-original consumables for inkjet printers

The complexity of the ink used by industrial cij printers is much greater than the complexity of ink used by civilian printers. The reason is that the small holes through which the ink passes when the industrial cij printers work are thinner than human hair, at 80 kilometers per square meter. Pumping at a speed of 50 mph (50 mph). Therefore, any impurities may quickly cause the printer to clog. The jet can be split into up to 100,000 drops of ink per second. Therefore, the ink must carry exactly the required charge. Only a few ink droplets are used for printing. Most of the ink droplets are pumped back through the printer to start the circulation process again. Some ink droplets may circulate thousands of times. Therefore, the viscosity must be just right, and the quality should not decrease over time. Leadtech Quality Assurance Leadtech prepares its own ink solvents and evaluates them within 6-12 months before putting it into production. Only after it has been verified that it will not cause the Leadtech printer to malfunction, will it be publicly sold. Each batch of products and the raw materials used are tested according to the ISO9001 quality control process. Leadtech has also tested numerous alternative inks and solvents and found significant differences in quality. The invisible difference replaces the cost of filtering in the production of consumables, which brings the risk of clogging nozzles, filters and venturi tubes and deflecting the jet stream, resulting in poor printing quality and printer malfunctions. The effect of using Leadtech 1505 solvent filtration The effect of using alternative solvent filtration The following are the results of using Leadtech1039 ink and the filter after using the alternative ink for about 2000 hours. The filter using Leadtech ink and the filter using alternative consumables. Position detection tube filter using Leadtech ink filter screen using replacement ink filter screen The following is the main ink filter after 57 times magnification using Leadtech ink filter is not clogged nor broken using replacement ink filter is clogged And the risk of breaking the replacement consumables. First of all, the replacement consumables cannot trace the source of the ink, the performance of the ink cannot be guaranteed, the compatibility is poor, and the probability of printer failure increases by more than 35%. Secondly, replacement consumables manufacturers do not comply with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations and have not been tested by quality inspection agencies, posing major safety hazards, causing unpredictable harm to the company and the health of you and your employees. Furthermore, the printing quality of alternative consumables is poor, which reduces product value and damages your corporate brand image and professionalism. What is the cost of downtime. Don't think that replacing consumables is just damage to the machine. For a general manufacturing company, the production loss of 10 minutes of downtime will exceed the cost of ink and solvent consumption for one year. Flushing nozzles every week loses half a day's output u003d an additional maintenance kit for 6 months solvent consumption cost u003d an additional maintenance 6 months ink consumption cost u003d the reason for insisting on using Leadtech original consumables Each batch of products and the raw materials used are based on the history The certified and verifiable ISO9001 quality control process has been tested. All ink consumables are in compliance with the EU and China ROHS regulations. The selected raw materials are selected based on the requirements of environmental protection policies. No Leadtech CIJ ink is classified as Toxic, harmful or harmful to the environment Sony Green Partners

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