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The use of melamine tableware laser marking machine can improve the appearance grade product identification

about melamine tableware for a lot of people may have more strange, based on the analysis of melamine tableware used a laser mark before use, simple small make up take you first know what is melamine tableware. So-called melamine tableware also called imitation porcelain tableware, tree by melamine powder heating pressure forming technology. Melamine tableware for its light, beautiful, ability at low temperature, non-friable, such as performance, is used in the food and beverage industry and children's food and beverage industry, etc. Melamine tableware with our daily life of common plastic tableware, ceramic tableware, stainless steel tableware has certain difference, but its good fire prevention, resistant characteristics such as solubility, high temperature resistant, environmental protection has become a current tableware industry a popular trend.

tableware industry to make melamine tableware has a beautiful look and feel, and play a publicity for their users, must be in the parameter processing to add logo, trademark and elegant graphic, etc. When it comes to identifying information processing then is the existence of the laser marking machine, perhaps many people will say other assigned code equipment also can be used, why choose laser marking? Small make up can only say that USES a laser mark effect is much better than the effect of other equipment, as well as more safety.

due to the melamine tableware is a kind of imitation porcelain tableware, is mainly produced by melamine as raw materials, by the melamine powder is heated pressurized pressure molding tree. So in the choice of the laser marking machine we can choose co2 ( Carbon dioxide) Laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, also can choose the two laser marking machine is able to realize its fine marking effect, but the latter function is better, at the same time is also more expensive. Therefore on the choice of the laser marking machine we wai according to jie will choose according to the actual needs of customers, will also give the effect of two kinds of laser marking machine customer view, let the customer choose the suitable laser equipment.

melamine tableware for its light, beautiful, avirulent insipidity, ability at low temperature, resistance to boiling, non-friable, such as performance, is widely used in fast food and children's use such as catering, and became an international popular dishes. With the popular dishes, how users can spend on the processing state of mind, so will inevitably bring huge income effect, isn't it? Is melamine tableware is the same, but a supplier can according to your design good logo design tag on the tableware, improved the overall aesthetics of tableware and publicity; But another vendor can't do that, or his tag information is fine properties short. So how would you choose?

all in all, due to the rise of the melamine tableware industry, makes the laser marking machine industry on the assignment of identity information code and a new development direction, and break the melamine tableware laser logo. Melamine tableware in through the use of ultraviolet laser marking machine/co2 laser marking machine for processing, fine LOGO, design, can be realized, the trademark marking, text, the string for the user to add a little beautiful look and feel, make propaganda for businesses. Enhance the grade of the product under the premise of can reveal the brand again, what is there against it?

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