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The uv printer which good? The uv printer how much is the price? 【 Industry analysis. - - - - - -

Direct messages recently there are a lot of friends, I want to buy a UV machine, heard of shenzhen on the other side of the UV vendors would many don't know which is good, how much is it right? My friends here to private, the unity of a simple answer: UV machine at present domestic mainly divided into two categories: 1. The first is a industrial machine, is the main ricoh nozzle on the mainstream ( The G5 nozzle) Recently, a G6 nozzle. 2. The second is given priority to with epson. So here said the first, give priority to with shenzhen. Do the UV machine manufacturers, large and small, not less than 100. Literally! ! ! You want to buy the machine first, and then you have to have two positioning of your product! Is you in mileage is given priority to, or do some customized products. The size of the products you do want to print the biggest is how much. For example: a asked me: who would I like to do some decoration, background wall print, do you think of how much money I buy a machine. Buy a good machine? My answer: first of all, you do the budget? At a time setting wall is more than a metre? The first positioning device are large industrial machine ( Nozzle with ricoh G5) Equipment of printing the size at least also want to close to 2 meters wide. Then the models out on the market has a default model 2513 ( Some manufacturers call 1325) Refers to the print level 2. 5 m * 1. 3 meters of course, there are 2513 epson head, this is the second position. You need to print background wall, so now you have a list of stable channel? Such as 1 a day. The setting wall of 5 m * 1 m has a few dozens of pieces of several hundred yuan to play? How much is the ink print a square cost? You if there is only a decade or two list of twenty or thirty square to do every day, you said you buy ricoh 2513 industrial machine, not money to panic? Estimated at that time have turned fine, little late one thousand much early list, why not buy a ricoh first for a rainy day? Here problem again, maintenance costs! ! ! The most important thing is to spray UV machine! Don't ask! Q is the nozzle ( I mean the normal manufacturer production machine, hardware quality, garbage manufacturer to produce the machine, estimation is not just the matter of the nozzle, the whole machine is the problem) Ricoh G5 unit price above the market now is 1. Around 40000, a want to do background wall will take at least four nozzle ( White color + + light oil) Ricoh meet belong to the consumable, shower nozzle average service life is 1 year and a half! ( Don't talk to me pull some customers can use to two years, even more than two years, that's just understand person, alone! Don't said the yao take exception to your client! ) Four nozzle 5 a year and a half. 6 17788 thing you have to count to 70000. And consumable ink cartridge and so on! How much money you first calculate the cost of a day on average. Besides the machine cost. A good manufacturer of four G5 ricoh head around 2513, 200000 is very normal! But some manufacturers selling for one hundred thousand head! And very spicy chicken factory can buy below 100000! ( How much water foot inside, need I say? ) I said so, good equipment manufacturer even epson nozzle at 2513 to 100000 head! So friends looking at equipment, don't listen to understand equipment manufacturer of some salesman fool! Learn more, inquire more! More analysis. Some manufacturer to your theory data, don't into production, that way you will hopefully take the machine back, frustrated watching machines production! Also welcome to ask me what don't understand! To send you a words: the UV industry deep as the sea, to pursue cheap you don't buy! That is to bring us the uv printer which good? The uv laser laser marking machine how much is the price? 【 Industry analysis. In this paper. Hope to be of help. Is a major production of universal flat-panel uv laser printing machine affordable, high performance/price ratio, and manufacturers selling uv flat-panel printers, we are set production, research and development and sales and after-sale integration of new and high technology company, need a universal laser laser marking machine, uv plate laser marking machine, uv printer customers welcome your consultation.

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