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The working environment of the inkjet printer should reduce the existence of dust

When the inkjet printer is running, the nozzle directly contacts the air, and the fine dust in the air may enter the ink path system from the nozzle, and over time, it will cause the ink path or nozzle to block. This is why the working environment of coding equipment should reduce the existence of fine dust. High resolution inkjet printer equipment is more likely to be blocked in a dusty environment, because high resolution inkjet printer equipment has more nozzles and finer nozzles. In addition, when the high-resolution cij printer is not working, the nozzle cover must be covered in time to prevent the residual ink on the nozzle surface from contacting the air to form dry matter and cause blockage. However, the small character cij printer has only one nozzle, and the nozzle is slightly larger, which is slightly clogged, and it can be handled easily. Secondly, the small characters have automatic nozzle sealing technology and automatic cleaning function to better protect the ink path and print head. Therefore, to reduce the existence of dust in the operating environment of the coding equipment, it is best to perform the coding work in an independent workshop, so as to effectively reduce the existence of dust, and enterprises with conditions can even have a dust-free workshop as a coding workshop. If there are no methods and conditions, there is indeed fine dust in the workshop. When selecting coding equipment, try to use small-character coding equipment.

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