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The working principle of galvanometer and field mirror of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-24

The galvanometer system of the fiber laser marking machine includes a focusing mirror, a motor, a motor driver and a mirror fixed on the motor shaft. This set of systems is called a scanning head. The motor driver controls the silk according to its input. The signal realizes the control of the motor position. The mutual movement of the two motors makes the focus point of the incident laser move in an XY two-dimensional plane, and the F-Theta lens focuses the laser beam to a point, so that the laser energy is concentrated, so that it is easier to objects are processed.

The main function of the scanning head is to reflect an incident parallel laser beam in the X-Y direction, and to form the graphics to be processed by the movement of the lens fixed on the motor shaft. The working principle of the fiber laser marking machine is shown in the figure below. The laser enters the scanning head through the entrance (incidence hole), and then reaches the external reflection mirror on the galvanometer 1. Through the reflection of this mirror, it reaches the reflective mirror on the galvanometer 2. After being reflected by the mirror and focused by the focusing mirror, it acts on the surface of the object to be processed. Since the deflection angle of the laser is jointly determined by the positions of the mirrors on the two galvanometers, it is necessary to control the position of the galvanometer motor to complete the marking action.

The focusing lens of the fiber laser marking machine is installed at the exit position of the scanning head, usually called F-Theta lens, which The material is generally zinc selenide. The lens focuses the laser and acts on the surface of the object. It is precisely because of the focusing effect of the lens that the laser beam is converted into a point (generally, the diameter of the spot is less than 0.15mm), which improves its energy density and makes it easier to realize the surface of the object being processed. For the F-Theta lens, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the incident angle of the beam and the spot position acting on the surface of the object after focusing.

The design of the mechanical parts of the scanning head is carried out according to the mechanical size requirements of the galvanometer motor. The clear aperture and reflective lens must be larger than the beam diameter of the laser. If the clear aperture is smaller than the beam diameter, part of the laser will be blocked outside the clear aperture, resulting in a waste of laser power. If the reflective lens is smaller than the beam diameter, on the one hand, it will cause The waste of laser power, and more importantly, the missing residual light may directly irradiate the driver card of the galvanometer or the nearby signal lines and cause damage. After the above two items are satisfied, it is necessary to ensure that the center of the laser beam coincides with the center of the light-transmitting hole. When the laser is incident on the first galvanometer mirror, the incident point must be on the axis of the galvanometer motor, otherwise it will not only be The phenomenon of light leakage occurs, resulting in waste of laser power or burnout of the device by the laser, and irregularities in the processed graphics.

Knowing the principle of the galvanometer field mirror of the fiber laser marking machine will help us to use the fiber laser marking machine better, if you have different opinions on this, Welcome to discuss with us.

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