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The working process of the air and ink circuit of a series of touch screen inkjet printers

The air and ink circuit system only needs to be composed of an ink pump, solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve, filter, viscometer, ink return tank, etc. When working, the system supplies ink and the solenoid valve YV1 opens. The ink is pumped and pressurized by the ink supply pump and sent to the pressure reducing valve through the main filter. The pressure reducing valve can stabilize the high-pressure ink at 0.28mpa pressure and then send it to the print head for printing. Part of the stabilized ink meter fed back from the nozzle indicates the ink pressure, and adjust the pressure regulating screw of the pressure reducing valve to stabilize the ink circuit pressure at the required value. During the printing process, some of the ink dots that change with the shape of the characters do not need to be recycled by the recycling pipe. The vacuum generated by the recycling pump causes the ink droplets to pass through the recycling filter and solenoid valve YV3 and return to the recycling tank. With the consumption of ink during the printing process, the liquid level of the ink return tank decreases. When it is lower than the rated value, the solenoid valve YV2 opens, and the ink in the ink tank is pumped to the ink return tank by the circulation pump. The inkjet printer stops working, the solenoid valve YV5 is opened, the ink in the ink path is drawn into the ink return tank, and YV8, YV5, and YV6 cooperate to complete the nozzle cleaning function. It must be pointed out that the nozzle will be automatically cleaned every time the ink is stopped. The thinner after cleaning enters the ink return tank because of the ink viscosity. If the viscosity is found to be too high, the solenoid valve Yv7 opens, and the solvent pump draws the thinner from the solvent tank to the ink return. Can. This method is agitated in a closed pipeline, which greatly reduces the volatilization of the external pump diluent. The viscosity of the ink is the thinness of the ink, and its size directly affects the breakpoint of the ink drop. As the solvent evaporates during printing, the ink will gradually thicken. Therefore, the cij printer must measure the ink viscosity at regular intervals and automatically control the viscosity value. The specified viscosity is 150 units, and the displayed value is the actual viscosity measurement value. The normal range is 130~170. If the viscosity is lower than 130, the viscosity is too thin, which is usually caused by too frequent cleaning, which can be restored after a period of operation. The ink viscosity should be between 130 and 170 units. The control of all functions of the printer is completed by the touch screen.

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