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To explore the 3 d laser marking machine what you don't know those things

in our daily life people understand to is a kind of 3 d stereo feeling, can let everything appears to be more a real existence, and this is why a lot of designers in design needs to let its integral feeling is stereo, and a 2 d plane design is only limited to a plane. Is simply the square and cube, 3 d and 2 d film between the principle is the same, the large diameter so for laser marking equipment, laser marking machine 3 d flight and there is what the difference between ordinary laser machine? Under the small make up take you to discuss about the mystery of the 3 d laser machine.

1, from the perspective of the scope of sculpture: 3 d laser printer is mainly adopted the focus of the three-dimensional positioning system, under the same focused on the work condition of the precision, marking range 3 d than in 2 d is more widely. Before use only need to set up the relevant parameters in advance, and according to the different focal length, signet of marking products, such as the shape adjustment switch, do not need to repeatedly move artifacts.

2, from the perspective of the effect of engraving: 3 d laser code can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the deep carved, are not engraving laser focal point in the process of change and influence the change of the actual surface laser energy, at the same time also can achieve different levels on the underlying consistency, solve the 2 d marking model need to be processed on the same plane. For some of the three-dimensional structure of the artifact carved with great convenience degree, not only reduce the technological process, but also improve the efficiency of the hit mark, and marking refined aesthetic effect.

3, can be on any surface laser engraving: not all goods are flat, there are a lot of goods is a curved surface, inclined plane, sphere, etc. There are a variety of irregular surface, 2 d laser laser laser marking machine can't cope with this situation well, especially for some irregular and has a high degree of difference in terms of goods. This is the advantage of 3 d laser printer is highlighted, it can be implemented within a certain range radian one-time complete marking, for merchants greatly improve the efficiency of the processing, can also realize creative relief sculpture.

4, special color marking: many times we choose to spurt the cij printer spurts India because of the ink color can choose, but the 3 d laser machine is not exceptional also, it can be achieved in black and white marking effect, also can achieve multi-color marking effect, meet the needs of different customers. For example, the metal on the surface of a dozen black commonly adopt the practice of alumina, which adds to the 3 d laser marking machine in the sign industry.

5, solve the problem of lens can't maintain the surface of the same focal length: because the lens before, can't keep the facet on the same focal length, marking the center of the region on the edge of the light spot size and spot size will be different. CK - FB3D series using three axis control to solve the problem of existence, to keep all the surface of engraving on the same call situation, realized the signet light evenly.

in general 3 d laser marking machine is a special kind of marking equipment, has some common laser marking machine can realize the function of, and also to be able to do better and improve the efficiency of product processing. The 2 d laser marking machine can't achieve the marking effect to be able to make 3 d laser machine, can satisfy the business demand for irregular surface marking.

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