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To explore the laser marking machine and ink printing machine what are the differences in performance?

To explore the laser marking machine and ink laser marking machine what are the differences in performance? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 17 0

sign industry is the development of a common market trend of social development, but it is domestic or foreign commodity information cannot leave the existence of the logo, sign industry development in a long time ago, through the appropriate code equipment directly or indirectly on different articles marked a process, a way of marking in order to achieve a certain purpose. Marked by the identity information is both simple and at the same time, there are complex, all of the intimate contact with a lot of industry. For the moment in the sign industry adopted by the printing equipment can be divided into two kinds: ink laser marking machine, laser marking machine. Here small make up in these two kinds of common marking equipment to make a simple distinction:

1, from the working principle, laser marking machine mainly USES high-energy laser beam in the gasification is formed on the underlying commodity, and produce chemical and physical reactions, and then through the galvanometer laser beam control effectively the only, in order to realize design, text, and other identifying information of the precise calcination, belongs to a kind of non-contact. Spurt the cij printer mainly by the flow of ink and ink inside the nozzle to form the high frequency oscillation, by charged drops in high voltage plate occur between migration and produce different displacement and cooperate on the production line of horizontal motion, eventually forming pattern and a printed form of the characters.

2, reliable equipment: laser marking pause with advantage of laser technology, equipment, stable performance and long continuous working time, simple structure, simple operation, less spare parts, maintenance free, low failure, marking effect is better; And spurt the cij printer ink is also can work 24 hours seamless, stability, but bring the spare parts, are more likely to malfunction, relative to the laser need frequent repairs, the ink road system, such as nozzle, the nozzle parts prone to problems.

3, environmental protection and safety: laser marking machine is a kind of zero consumables and zero pollution environmental protection high-tech products, there is no adverse to the environment and human body chemicals; And ink printing machine consumables have mostly been adopted by the ethyl ketone, acetone, etc on the human body, environment, air harmful chemical substances, when use need to be careful.

4, work efficiency, and on the way: laser marking machine is suitable for high speed production line use, can not only realize the dynamic marking, and can realize static marking. Also can choose according to demand on spray print range spray publishing and lattice or crossed form; And although ink printing machine can also be suitable for use on high speed production line, but it can only be online purchase, and the spray print range is limited.

5, data communications connectivity: laser marking machine can directly using commercial computer, notebook, etc. , the ability to connect all the data generation system, complete the data transfer from top to bottom, have strong communication ability; While ink printing machine can only be controlled by single chip microcomputer, the data processing ability is limited, can only be selectively accept data.

6, anti-counterfeit effect: laser marking machine printed by permanent exist, neither can wipe, also can't change, the only way is to destroy, completely destroyed; And ink printing machine tags can be printed by using organic solvent cleaner to wipe, modify or disconnecting, easy to follow.

above all is about laser machine and printing machine for you to share on the performance of six big difference, hope to have to know the two equipment merchants have a preliminary understanding, merchants on the choice of course still need to choose according to their actual needs, after all, the actual situation of each business is different, I hope this share for merchants to see this article can help.

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