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Tong yi identification with you to quickly understand spray marking equipment and to make a choice

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in the sign industry already more and more inseparable from the existence of marking equipment, marking equipment for the sign industry and solve a lot of code problems. At present more popular marking equipment includes these two kinds of printing equipment and laser marking equipment, different types of marking equipment can satisfy the demand is different, so in this remind businessman when buying equipment, should choose according to their actual demand, rather than blindly follow. Tong yi would now like to take you both to know briefly.

on the one hand is what are the advantages of marking equipment brings to enterprises:

1, the product traceability management can be implemented, including the product batches, divisions, spray print production date, let each item have good traceability, commodity management more systematic.

2, achieve security against the list of goods, the enterprise through the spurt the cij printer in the commodity random printing, spray the special characters printed on the goods, to prevent counterfeit.

3, help promote brand awareness of products and brands through directly on commodities information such as name, logo, trademark design of spray print, can let the product stand out among the colleagues, thus improve the grade and visibility.

4, promoting the production efficiency of identity. Identity information of the beautiful and can reduce the error rate and improve the grade, the spurt the code machine spurts India's identity information is neat and beautiful, convenient staff to clear the goods classification, reduce the error rate.

on the other hand is the enterprise how to choose the suitable printing equipment, the characteristics of the different printing equipment performance is as follows:

1, the small character spurt the cij printer: a jet printing speed, short drying time, spraying distance, the characteristics of printing in line with the demand of online processing production, is mainly used in food, beverages, building materials, medicine, electronics, chemical industry, etc.

2, high resolution spurt the code machine: spray spray print high resolution, suitable for printing labels, bar code, qr code and other information, can also be used in food, packaging, building materials, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, etc.

3, handheld cij printer: has the characteristics of convenient, lightweight, quick spray printing, generally used in bulk and not easy to use on moving objects, such as steel, cement products products.

4, laser laser marking machine: have zero consumables, safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, maintenance free, permanent marker, etc, can almost in all needs a mark used in the industry, but its price than other supplies to spurt the code machine is expensive, but the equipment on the aspects such as maintenance free, the performance is much better than ink laser marking machine.

all in all, businesses no matter choose which type of spurt the cij printer needs to be set according to the specific processing requirements, each type of spurt the code machine have the characteristics of each have each advantage, no did not say who is the best, also did not say who is the worst. To meet the demand of businesses that is ok. Interested customers can consult our customers, we can according to your specific needs and recommend related products.

At a time when technology is essential for cij printer, ensuring that it works in a symbiotic way with your human employees is key.

Our vision is to realize the tremendous potential of cij printer by providing date printing machine services that consistently meet our customers’ expectations.

Time is one of the biggest challenges cited by manufacturing cij printer.

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LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd., which contributes itself on cij printer for creating more useful application.

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