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Traceability management of auto parts

With the development of my country's automobile industry, the number of cars in the society is increasing, and people's demand for cars is not limited to transportation. When buying a car, there are more and better choices in accordance with different needs. The increase of new models has prospered the automobile market, met the needs of consumers at different levels, and brought benefits to customers as well as troubles. When the customer is repairing and maintaining the vehicle, because the models of the vehicles are relatively close, it is not clear whether they can be interchanged for universal use. If you want to purchase the accessories accurately, you need to go back and forth several times, which makes the user very annoyed. It can be seen that the identification of auto parts is also very important. Auto parts application inkjet marking can well solve the problem of auto parts. It can also better classify management and quickly identify accessories. Mark the corresponding model and trademark on the accessory, so that people can see the model and manufacturer of the accessory at a glance. Anyone who has used the cij printer knows that the marking produced by the cij printer will never be rubbed off, because the marking is permanent. The cij printer can create a unique style 'identity' for auto parts, which is perfect no matter how it looks on the surface. The accessory identification not only makes it easier for customers to worry about changing accessories when repairing and maintaining, but also not worrying about buying the wrong accessory model for their own vehicle. It is also a traceability management system for auto parts.

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