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Universal printer nozzle and share - the use of maintenance manual reference

Many clients will buy back after universal laser printing machine, because do not understand the measures for the protection of nozzle and nozzle often plug may be damaged, we all know that the best way to insist on nozzle of working condition of the best, every day is your daily protection for the nozzle to do some appropriate and useful, it will greatly reduce the nozzle blockage may, therefore, please read the following carefully and refer to the operation. A, after the equipment installation, and equipment to enable the early to the maintenance of sprinkler protection 1, to make the nozzle into the best operation condition, before the universal laser printing machine was beginning to accept manufacturing business, must be in 1 ~ 2 days time, please do your best or many print some picture, the picture is the best CMYK4 color are used, and on both sides with pictures of C, M, Y, K4 bar to make sure every four remain the ink jet nozzle. 2, spray when had better clean the right end up standing in the wet sponge along with its bracket. Second, after the completion of the work every day how to maintain protection nozzle after completion of all of the print job, every day to make the nozzle adhere to the best working condition and prevent the uv ink evaporation and blocking the nozzle, please click the following method after the nozzle to protect the equipment for the night. 1, close the universal printer power supply. 2, with special cleaning fluid first wet sponge to clean clean, then pour cleaning fluid on the sponge soaked. 3, will head to move back to the right side stand cleaning and nozzle and the wet sponge. 4, adhere to the conditions that the equipment for the night. Treatment method after three, subtle found the nozzle block 1, found in the process of spray nozzle to present fine after blocking phenomenon will not hesitate to press print job is paused (PAUSE key), then perhaps manually with a syringe pump to make the ink from the nozzle spray nozzle cleaning, cleaning must be used after the plastic kneading bottle to spray nozzle appearance some cleaning fluid to wash the residual ink. Note: do not overexert when using manual pump, otherwise it will damage due to pressure nozzle. 2, subtle treated thoroughly and timely decisions by the nozzle blocking about printing process in long time adhere to the nozzle best working condition is very important! 3, in addition, will also be necessary to carefully check the nozzle condition and find the cause of the nozzle blockage. Four, equipment, estimated that more than 48 hours to temporarily not if the disposal methods in the application equipment to estimate not to use more than 48 hours, the ink nozzle cleaning must be clean, otherwise the ink will gradually due to solvent evaporation in nozzle and stem node, serious even can produce irreversible damage to the nozzle. Treatment method is as follows: 1, turning off the power of the universal laser printing machine. 2, will head to the left end bearing cleaning, put a corrosion resistant containers at the bottom of the nozzle used for holding washing liquid. 3, with a glass syringe may be directly poured out of ink tank ink, then deputy ink tank with a special cleaning fluid to wash clean. 4, pull out for refill tube on the nozzle, and then use 40 ml glass syringe to extract the special cleaning fluid nozzle cleaning, do 2 times. Finally, don't blow nozzle cleaning fluid residues in clean, be sure to leave enough cleaning fluid inside the nozzle, due to the effect of the nozzle can rise to protect wet cleaning fluid. 5, and will be processed nozzle in a clean the corrosion resistance of container and seal ( With a plastic wrap is good) Can register after 1 months or so.

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