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Use laser marking machine for identification and results in the stagnation of production problem

production lead to stagnation can't deliver on time because of various factors, it is undoubtedly a headache for manufacturers of one thing, whether because what reason is caused for the clients, the next time it may not cooperate with the factory again. Cooperation between business and business is all about trust and punctual, if not completed within the stipulated time, so for the customer cooperation also will be going to the somebody else's schedule, any a merchant's time is precious, unless there are some natural hazard problems that really can't deliver on time, maybe the customer is understandable, but if is because the equipment problems, then the series of consequences caused by the only manufacturer to solve.

factory produced goods without the presence of identity information, the existence of identity information can act as: easy to find, easy to identify, easy to control of the production data, prevent leakage process, prevent misuse, mix, and so on and so forth. There for some processing manufacturers must be used to identify markers of printing equipment, laser marking machine is one of the most common, but the failure frequency of spurt the cij printer is high, once appear, fault, you will need to repair, the equipment must be unable to work normally during the period of maintenance, this will cause the goods cannot be delivered on time.

so easy to spurt the cij printer malfunction, and equipment failure of this kind of question is a kind of unpredictable situation, but the factory always can't tell the customer that our equipment problems, then easy for a few days time? It must be impossible, can only lead to customer don't want to go with your long-term cooperation, this is obviously is a kind of practice more harm than good, and not all customers are willing to in order to extend the goods time, the problem of your equipment to arrange their own time. Are estimated under the perspective-taking, not is not too happy? So manufacturers in choosing a printing equipment should choose not to easy to malfunction and has the advantages of maintenance free laser marking machine.

laser marking technology has been appeared in recent years a new type of marking method, it has incomparable superiority spurt the cij printer, printing equipment are in need of material and it's easy to have a series of problems such as fault, and laser marking machine not only don't need any material, but also to do the maintenance free, solve the problem of manufacturer for printing equipment and results in the stagnation of production appeared to happen. And laser marking machine in the commodity's identity information is permanent, not like ink printing can use some certain cleaner is wiped off. Such forms of identification to more welcomed by customers, also can increase customer's trust to you, have the effect of long-term cooperation.

laser marking machine is able to manufacturers have bulk orders do 24 hours of continuous work, on time delivery to the customer, not piling work, goes according to plan production and processing, do not delay the goods time, will not have any loss, increase the customer trust, etc. Allows manufacturers to easily profit, easily work, no longer worries for machine fault, the stagnation of production problems.

all in all, a new device should learn to try to use, can't it will help you to solve various problems currently facing? Don't try how can you know laser marking machine is really a zero consumables printing equipment, environmental protection, maintenance free? Just like when we listen to adults, tells the story of the pony across the river is the same with us.

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