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Use of optical fiber laser marking machine on the pet card standard can effectively avoid the loss of love pet

in now society, many people will go to adopt some pets, especially some lovely pussy cat, the dog dog, of course, there are some fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters and turtles, totoro, such as all kinds of animals, but more common in cats and dogs. People will adopt a pet mainly has two reasons: one is to eliminate loneliness, the second is for entertainment, of course there are other factors. Even if our initial purpose that they just to accompany him, but in the end we will produce certain feelings about them, just like the dearest person in the world to himself, and then take one of the most common puppy dog, he can not only with us in our daily life, but also can improve the working efficiency of the police.

the pet is not speak, but as to accompany him for a long time but it can gradually understand what we want to express the content of, not only can help the police solve crimes, help host to find things, will also be able to help blind people through the obstacles, etc. But still there are some unexpected things, such as accidentally lost can't find the way home, when love dandle lost to us we will surely be very heart, also is difficult. In order to be able to quickly find love dandle, people will normally after the adoption of his love dandle buy a special pet CARDS, and wear in the neck.

on the pet CARDS we will write the dog's information and contact information in the above, in order to be able to meet the man to return the pet, increase the probability of pet was recovered, avoid their love dandle stray pets. We all know that the vast majority of pet CARDS are on the market use a metal material, at the same time, people want to pet carved by the information on the card will not fade, withstand wind and rain, after all, pets are naughty naughty. So on marking can choose optical fiber laser marking machine, both to ensure that every information clearly and with permanent will not fade, not particularly easy to rub off like ink printing, also can't ensure that information permanently.

use of optical fiber laser marking machine marking on the metal pet card is a good choice, it belongs to the non-contact processing, neither kumite mark pet card any impact, at the same time also can ensure information fine permanent, particularly suitable for use in a pet on the card, can reduce the probability of lost pets, also gave the pet is not the same as the sense of belonging, or with the other people's house pet dog is to separate the stray pets. For some wooden pet card also is the use of the optical fiber laser laser laser marking machine, co2 laser machine can also be used.

all in all, in order to be able to let their pets is different, in the use of laser marking machine to play mark information, we should first consider the pet name, portrait, contact information, address and other main information display on the pet card, avoid excessive invalid information on the card, this can increase the probability of love dandle was recovered.

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Overview of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
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Laser marking is a popular technique used in various industries to create permanent, high-quality marks on a wide range of materials.
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