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Using co2 laser marking machine laser code on the plastic toys

interested in toy user groups than children, toys can be said to be the child of another paradise, since the toys are children's playmate, from the world of the different types of children. So for toy manufacturers, in the face of so many competitors, how to let the customer to choose and remember yourself? In addition to the appearance of the need to be met children psychology, also need to identify the existence of information, the identity information on the toy is not exceptional also, in this with plastic toys and the connection between the co2 laser marking machine to do a simple sharing:

plastic toy is made use of synthetic resin as the main ingredients for a toy, because the plastic has good insulation, so kids can reduce the risk of electric shock. But there is still a lot of plastic toys there is a problem, because businesses in plasticizer paint on plastic toys, not according to the standard for production. To reassure the customer and allow parents to rest assured to buy, you need to certificate marking on plastic goods, after all, consumers could not be used to the naked eye can see that the problem of plastic toys, consumers are not professional, but the certificate of approval on the toys and anti-counterfeiting code to reassure consumers, reduce consumer concerns.

since this so directly using ink printing is ok, does the printing ink type can be assigned a code on the plastic toys, but ink for the human body's health is more or less has certain damage, children for their own safety consciousness is relatively lack, could not have said they don't contact those places don't contact. In addition to the child's safety, there is a little ink printing easy to fade, it is not permanent, it is will change with the external environment factors, can be gradually blurred, also may be lead to the loss of important information, etc. So we would recommend plastic toy manufacturers choose co2 laser marking machine.

there are so many different kinds of laser marking machine, why choose co2? The most obvious is that carbon dioxide is used on nonmetallic material goods, and the main components of the plastic toys is plastic, it does not belong to metal material goods, so the selection of co2 laser marking in the perfect, why should consider other types of laser machine? If you have toys is diverse, and that might otherwise chosen. That here is a brief analysis of the characteristics of co2 laser marking machine is what?

1, from inkjet code can't maintain a permanent faults in reflecting the co2 marking permanent

2, also from the security problem of the inkjet reflects the laser marking has a safe environmental protection, is that it does not require consumables

3, it can be suitable for a variety of different formats of pictures, and according to the pictures of the logo on the plastic toys for precise marking, make toys with permanent 3 c authentication marks

4, co2 laser marking machine don't direct contact with the toy, the code, will not damage the surface of the toy, instantaneous marking task

5, can enhance the efficiency of the production of plastic toys, and laser machine can long continue to work, the machine maintenance free more than 20000 hours

above all it is not hard to learn that, co2 laser marking machine can be used on all non-metallic materials, including the use range is small in the toy industry, but we can also for other toys made of different materials according to its characteristic to carry on the suitable laser machine.

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