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Using CO2 laser marking machine, let the more fine leather goods

Leather in the application of the life is very extensive, covering leather, shoes, leather, leather, fur and products industry such as subject, and leather chemicals, leather, metal, leather machinery, accessories, and other supporting industries. Common leather products are leather, leather shoes, leather belt, strap, wallet, handicraft, we often can see some beautiful on these leather goods design, text, etc. , do you know how they are prepared? Some people say that with traditional process printed? Right, the traditional process can be printed, but the use of laser marking machine can do it, and can do more beautifully. So, we need what kind of laser marking machine? Leather goods, of course, to use CO2 laser marking machine, compared with traditional processing, CO2 laser marking machine on leather goods design tag leather goods will not cause any damage, sculpture is faster, more accurate results, some more tedious design also can easily finish marking requirements. Laser processing is a form of hot working process, it is because of high energy laser beam in the design of leather surface instantaneous burning carving, heat effect is small, so although is the quality of the laser beam will not damage the leather goods, just a mark for leather goods surface to form patterns. CO2 laser marking machine in addition to the exquisite design, also can print all kinds of Chinese, English, Numbers, dates, bar code, the qr code, serial number, etc. , below, to know what are the functions and characteristics of it. 1, using high-performance rf CO2 laser metal, enhance the stability and laser life; 2, high beam quality is good, electro-optical conversion rate, high processing speed, is 5 ~ 10 times the traditional laser marking machine; 3, no consumables, do not need to make any maintenance, long service life. The volume is small, be applicable to the work environment; 4, high reliability, free maintenance, do not need water chiller, air cooled completely, easy to operate; 5, simple operation, carrying the humanized operating software; 6, optical quality, high precision, suitable for fine work, is suitable for most of the non-metallic materials; Widely used in food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, automotive parts, wire and cable, electronic accessories, building materials, plastics, clothing and other industries, it is mainly used for carton packaging, film, plastic products, glass, wood, etc material surface are identified, identify permanent beauty cannot be erased. CO2 laser marking machine on leather goods in addition to the exquisite design, still can save cost for businesses to bring economic benefits. Laser machine in use process does not require any consumables, can save unnecessary material cost; Independent research and development of the android intelligent laser marking system, easy to operate, humanization; Adopt domestic brands galvanometer, field lens, marking efficiency, higher precision carving. With domestic brand power - — HengFu power, the machine running more stable, output for production line to improve efficiency; Equipment adopts advanced high performance metal rf CO2 laser, laser light, with high quality fine markup, beautiful effect, can enhance the stability and the service life of the laser. Reasonable use of CO2 laser marking machine, let more fine leather goods.

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