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Using digital printing printer to customize to - summer uniform

Each employee of the company on behalf of the company's image, in the custom fatigues employees is the enterprise image spokesperson, this is the largest custom overalls. Then using textile laser printing machine custom summer uniform need to pay attention to? 1. The uniform custom & ndash; — Every enterprise has its own enterprise culture enterprise culture characteristics. When customization enterprises overalls, must according to enterprise culture characteristics to choose the uniform style and the mass-tone attune to deepen the public's impression. 2. The uniform custom & ndash; — Lightweight breathable overalls in custom clothes also need to consider when permeability. The digital printing printer can do it well. For textile use environmentally friendly water-based ink, you can print exquisite design, for clothes permeability is not hindered. 3. The uniform custom & ndash; — Beautiful and fashionable despite daily clothing overalls and different, but if it is a very distinctive coat, staff will have more power. T-shirt printer elaborate overalls, better for your staff, they will bring you more benefits! Win-win only need to choose a T-shirt printing machine. The latest version of double nozzle & amp; Double location of digital printing T-shirt printer, walk in the forefront of the industry! Using epson original XP2000 nozzle, Bai Cai with out, greatly improve the printing speed and clarity. Hand in hand with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop independent boards, to break the current industry of clothing and the speed of printing printing high-definition two black t-shirts two costs 2 & lsquo; 40 ' ‘ That level than the same industry, not to mention to print out the effect of basic consistent with the pictures! This is 18 years, from the start of this industry, popularization and development of new printer experience, is the crystallization of wisdom. Developed a high level of uv printer, universal printer, printer. Sales hotline: 400 8316492; 13265335569

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