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Using laser marking technology in liquor product packing upgrade innovation

wine, in our daily life is a kind of common goods, even if not to store can see or buy a commodity, in a store, convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places are all can see, it is our daily entertainment in one of them. Is permitted in the party, sing K, or when it is an irreplaceable a commodity, in ancient times there is wine, this product is a kind of alcoholic beverage sales is relatively big one. But still need to remind you can drink, but remember to drink more useless, it is good to should be appropriate.

because alcohol is belong to one of the larger product sales, and for wine products processing speed, the environment, the bottle cap marking requirements such as convenient requirements are relatively high. Especially for some relatively high-end brand products, if the mark is not in carving the grade of the goods itself is a drop in price. For their drinking wine products consumers may not have too much demand, but to give people of alcohol products that require high several times. Although some small details should be done well, also have words said: 'detail decides success or failure! 'A product appearance on fine but not the most basic information such as dates, logo is a substandard goods failure.

the development of laser technology in recent years in general is a rising trend, compared with the traditional means of marking, laser marking also adds automatic induction, can make goods for dynamic marking, and the ability to ensure that every play of wine product tag information are the same, does not appear the information of the product and the neighboring information of the products is not consistent. When marketers want to change a batch of products production information also can be altered with the batch number, this approach can greatly save the goods marking processing time, improve work efficiency, meet the needs of wine products sales.

as the laser marking machine application continuously in the wine industry, and with its overwhelming advantage will be replaced by the processing way of work, by high energy laser in the formation of physical/chemical reaction, in a short time left on wine products have qualitative feeling smooth and tag design, precise merchants marked on each product to the production of information, logo, words, designs, etc. , let the wine packaging of products realize the upgrade and innovation, for its added a different color, but also increased the wine to the grade of the product, especially some high-end brand,

if you are worried about the tag information can't keep for a long time, or the equipment cost is too expensive, they buy and choose to adopt traditional markers. Then tell you thing ~ if the markup generated by laser technology is permanent, if you don't have to destroy it will exist forever; If the laser marking machine is able to beat mark material range is relatively wide, basic can be used on all the material you produced using? If the laser marking machine machine maintenance free time was 20000 hours? If you use a laser marking machine is able to improve your work efficiency, increase the output of production every day? If you use for a long time will be able to earn back the purchase cost of the machine? If the laser marking is a safe, environmental non-toxic harmless? If it can meet your demand for tag information diversity? If it doesn't require any consumables? If it can realize automatic marking? If there is. 。 。 。 。 。 ? So you can think of using traditional logo form would be a better option?

anyway, there are a lot of wine industry is the introduction of laser marking machine code for the outer packing information, whether it's optical fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine or 3 d laser marking machine has a clear, wide range of use, low maintenance cost, zero consumables, marking, and advantage in speed and good effect will also believe that it will get a better application in the industry, for merchants to bring more convenience.

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