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UV flat-panel printers 10 notes - in daily operation

Sure, we have an innate laziness, always want to eat the least pain, walk the shortest detour, obtain the biggest benefit. There are some things, others can do for you, but cannot feel for you, the lack of a section of the journey, even if you success, spirit still is a barren field. Joy of success, the harvest meet, not the end of struggle, and in the process of struggle, therefore, the way you go, want oneself to go, others can't replace. Good habits of operation, can reduce and avoid the equipment malfunction. So in the process of uv flat-panel printers daily operation, science and technology about the attention in the operation of the uv laser printing machine 10 items. The uv laser printing machine 10 points for attention in operation 1. Turn off the power switch to using the equipment. When the button is pressed, the power supply will be cut off. Before the power is cut off, do not remove the plug or cable. Please put the uv ink bottle at the children's reach, don't let the children touch the ink bottle, avoid the harm to health. 2. Don't in the case of not to cut off the power to move the print head with the hand, otherwise it may damage the nose limit switch. Before handling equipment, shall ensure that the print head in initial position, winding head, body with plastic wrap and fixed. 3. If the ink stick into the skin, wash with soap and water. If the ink splash the eyes, rinse with water immediately, and consult a doctor. 4. The equipment on the ground level, stability. If uneven ground tilt, is not the normal work; Don't shake the ink bottle, which can cause ink leakage, before use, can be a slight shake, slowly into refill tube. 5. Remind you the equipment to avoid in the temperature and humidity, prone to violent transformation. Protected from direct sunlight, strong light or heat source; To avoid vibration or easily shaking, that need to be placed in a fixed place. 6. Place the device near the wall outlet to make it easy to plug plug, avoid wiring is too long; To set aside enough space around the equipment to ensure the normal ventilation, can very good heat dissipation. 7. Equipment work best temperature is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Power socket must be used to contain ground terminal socket, equipment grounding protection, should be taken to avoid electric shock accidents. 8. Don't stand or put weight on the device, a cloth cover equipment vents, do not use damaged cable, don't use wet hand to connect electronic plug. Don't devanning installed and internal motherboard, power supply and plug electronic nose plugs. 9. Long time not to use, need to remove the shower nozzle, time the ink cartridges, cleaning ink after covering the fuselage with black cloth. Please shut off the power before cleaning equipment and disconnect the cable, the equipment must be kept in the process of transportation. 10. Equipment in the printing process, do not suddenly stop, if discover patterns appear dislocation, deviation, reset the origin, after the pause pressure after the ink may continue to print. The above is the uv laser printing machine 10 points for attention in operation. http://www。 szyl3d. Com/technology owned by shenzhen company is located in longgang district of shenzhen city digital silicon valley industrial park, is a professional research and development, production, sales for the integration of UV flat-panel printers high-paying technology factory, mainly by the universal flat-panel printers, UV printer, digital jet printing machine and other equipment mainly. The device is applicable to any plane material. Welcome each big enterprise friends come to visit free proofing!

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