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Uv laser marking machine to improve the grade of the hardware equipment industry

about hardware equipment industry is no stranger to us actually, home a lot of goods, which is closely linked with the hardware industry has a hardware products include the screwdriver, scissors, wrench, cutting tools, fitness equipment, medical equipment, stainless steel products, aluminum products, locks, tableware, kitchen supplies, etc all kinds of hardware tools, metal parts, daily hardware, building hardware, and security products, etc. Hardware industry rapid for making an important contribution to the development of the national economy, but hardware products often than goods in jewelry, cosmetic and food industries, often cannot give a person the feeling of a kind of high grade.

the grade of the goods is not only depends on the material, the appearance, for some details also affects the overall grade of the goods. For example, some humble but's identity information is particularly important, although this kind of identity information and humble, but for the whole goods part is essential. Mainly includes information such as brand, type, logo, brand logo can have the effect of propaganda effect, and the model can be convenient businessmen to do goods, at the same time, it can help businesses understand the sales of goods on the market, etc. Such information may be is not important for consumers, consumers focus on product quality is good, not durable resistance, etc. , but the existence of this kind of information for businesses is very necessary. At the same time, an identity information hardware products is far better than a no identifying information hardware products are more popular with consumers, and on the overall appearance of the visual sense that gives a person is also better.

there are many kinds of different materials in the hardware industry, the scale of the goods, if you want to go up the appearance is carved out of identity information, and then by means of ultraviolet laser marking machine is a good choice. Uv laser marking machine is a kind of cold light marking form, a lot of material for uv absorption is higher, at the same time, the ultraviolet laser wavelength of 355 nm. Special wavelength let its influence has special gather light and heat, ultraviolet laser marking effect compared with other laser machine more delicate and beautiful, even if it is used on some special material can still achieve expected effect. Uv laser laser laser marking machine is also a don't need any marking materials, laser marking equipment, on the marking speed and marking effect, equipment performance, life, safety and environmental protection on issues such as occupying the absolute superiority, is a traditional engraving equipment. This is why some production will give preference to one of the reasons for ultraviolet laser machine.

the existence of ultraviolet laser marking machine for metal equipment industry has brought benefits: elegant identity information can improve the overall appearance of hardware equipment products image; Has a permanent brand logo information will have the brand publicity effect; Clear model identification can facilitate enterprises to supervise and control the goods, and make better production sales; Marking speed can improve the production efficiency of products, to ensure that the goods can be finished within the prescribed time production; Equipment maintenance free ( 20000 hours) Can reduce the cost of maintenance cost and save time; Zero consumables can make it more security environmental protection; Stable performance to ensure that equipment in use process not easily influenced by outside factors, to ensure that the marking effect is fine fine, etc.

all in all, uv laser marking machine is a full performance of laser equipment, for the development of the hardware industry plays a decisive factor. And ultraviolet laser marking machine in addition to being able to use in the hardware industry, will also be able to in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, daily chemical, electronic equipment, mobile phone manufacturing, beverage, used in the industries such as cars, watches and clocks, jewelry, almost in a variety of different materials on the goods clear exquisite markers of identity information, meet customer's high standards of marking requirements.

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