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UV variable qr code spurt the code machine, give your product a 'identity card'

In recent years, more and more of the product already has a digital 'id card', as long as you scan the qr code on the package, the relevant product information such as the varieties, producing area will be clear at a glance, a key to identify the authenticity of a product and source information. manufacturers in guangzhou electrical and mechanical equipment co. , LTD. , a laser printing machine suppliers to spurt the code machine dedicated high speed variable data to spurt the code machine, UV qr code anti-counterfeiting back, a yard. UV laser printing machine suppliers high-speed spurt the code machine is famous for its stable performance, service of packaging and printing enterprise, especially in the labels, tags, bags, soft packaging, paper carton, carton side there are a lot of customers. Product advantages: · high-definition configuration high-end shower nozzle imported from Japan, spray height can be up to 32. 4毫米; Speed up to 9000 m/h; Precision up to 300 dpi, 10. 1 inch color screen hd touch screen, manual operation of intelligent sliding, industrial android humanized design, high quality experience, imported industrial nozzle support high-definition splicing extension, spray can sharply spray seal, variable data printing, dynamic qr code, bar code, one thing a yard USB2 traceability, communication interface. 0, RS232, TCP/IP proofing case

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Data has always been important in business, of course. But with the arrival of digital data—its volume, depth, and accessibility—it has become clear it is key to helping LEAD TECH Technology Co., Ltd. develop sustainable competitive advantage.

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