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Vamp fine printing tags also inseparable from the laser marking machine

shoemaking historically have been there, there are dozens of no brand on the market, type, style of shoes, consumers are more or less will choose when buying on the aspects of brand, quality, beautiful, because of the different consumers have different requirements for shoes, will lead to has a variety of shoes on the market for consumer choice. With the continuous development of shoe industry, the traditional technology has been increasingly difficult to meet the current market demand, instead of the standard unified process, high efficiency, high precision automated laser marking equipment is more popular with the enterprise.

in fact, we can find on some shoes is there is a trademark logo, brand, model, information such as the existence of the code number, article number, especially some Adidas, Nike, anta, xtep, these brand shoes such as Jordan, back, will be marked on the surface of the shoes brand logo, so that consumers will be able to recognize the one is from which brand shoes. And these information can be done by laser marking machine, compared with the traditional technology of laser marking technology can better meet the needs of the enterprises, laser marking machine in the shoe on the use of specific performance is as follows:

1, laser marking machine is able to in a variety of different materials of the vamp, according to the requirements of customers or is the enterprise businesses for carving out a wide variety of exquisite patterns.

2, laser marking machine for processing on the surface of the shoes, with high speed, high precision, good quality and affected the advantages of small, safe environmental protection, so as to improve the overall quality of shoes appearance, and can do the brand publicity effect.

3, laser marking machine is able to formulate jump number, have extremely strong anti-fake function, graphic exquisite, fine lines, clear resistance, wear resistance, permanent.

4, in the process of in the subject matter of the shoe to play, to be able to keep the vamp without burr, ensure the machining surface finish. Using zero consumables non-contact mode of marking, with environmental protection and energy saving, zero pollution and does not contain any harmful substances.

5, when commodity's identity information need to change, only need to be done on a computer graphic editor and connect the laser laser laser marking machine, not because of the change of marking information influence marking effect, or is the effect of new product development cycle for merchants to provide cost savings of overhead costs.

6, thermal deformation is small, laser marking machine, laser marking machine is actually relatively small, and energy to be able to together, in order to achieve rapid and precise marking effect. At the same time, the advantage of this feature can also ensure the processed vamp there won't be deformation of the accident.

7, both upper and sole, leather shoes or sneakers are able to take advantage of the laser marking machine to realize the logo identity information exquisite carving, especially some information such as printing, design, even more so. Only need to spend a few minutes will be able to make a pair of shoes second high-end grade in the atmosphere.

all in all, although at present the rate on the laser marking machine in the shoe industry is still relatively low, but its penetration in the future must be more and more high, because the laser marking can make a very humble shoe components bring unexpected results. Let the trademark, logo on the slope has a better display effect.

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