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Wants to be a creative surface markers should choose 3 d laser marking

for now we can see most of the trademark is flat, but can still see a lot of trademark there is 3 d, give a person a kind of stereo feeling. 3 d trademark is actually a kind of three-dimensional stereoscopic, stereoscopic trademarks including the shape of the goods itself, the packing of the goods, as well as carved by the 3 d icon on commodities, etc. Three-dimensional ICONS and graphic icon the sense that gives a person is not the same, as if we learn to draw as a child, why the square and cube of two different concepts.

cubes we can use the method of 3 d to depict, but on some surface, three-dimensional goods we can't let artificial 3-d shape too? Even plane can use laser marking machine for marking, so the 3 d design also should be determined by the 3 d laser marking machine, why is 3 d, not 2 d? The reason is very simple, think about why 3 d movies need to wear 3 d glasses, and the 2 d is not? Such a think you will know why wants to be a creative surface markers should choose the cause of the 3 d laser marking machine, isn't it?

is compared with the ordinary laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking for the processing of the surface of the object of the range of the flatness requirement has been reduced a lot, which is why some of the curved surface, spherical, three-dimensional goods to one of the reasons for carving. 3 d laser marking in the process of deep engraving in ensuring that the printed effect at the same time, has improved the efficiency, surface printing is more creative and richness. Solve the ordinary laser marking machine can only be on the same plane to finish goods in the underlying problem.

in other words, not to say that is only to be able to use 3 d stereo icon laser marking machine, but said some curved surface, inclined plane and spherical specifications, not in the same plane in terms of goods can be using 3 d laser marking, solve common marking machine can solve the problem. Its main principle is to use the design patterns in advance, after a PC can not on the specifications of the goods for goods such as font, design, digital, English marking. For example: a mouse, glass, etc. , so as to show the characteristics of different ICONS, will not affect the relief effect.

all in all, 3 d laser marking machine has the following features:

1, can achieve more accurate surface marking of goods, even the complex curved surface can be easily deal with.

2, using high-precision three-dimensional positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, to ensure the effect of laser beam quality, marking accurately and bring the marking effect of customer satisfaction.

3, 3 d marking effect only need customer will need to play the underlying graphics handle and a PC, operation simple and easy-to-use, suitable for all kinds of JPG, DXF, PLT, CNC, step, jges, a variety of different formats such as jpeg files.

4, lightning conversion rate is higher, and free maintenance time is long, long continuous work, good practicability, and long service life.

5, marking speed, able to keep up with the highly developed production speed.

6, can be widely used in mobile phone manufacturing, three-dimensional circuits, electrical components, electronic communications, auto parts, medical equipment, mold, computer, mouse, and other industries products of three-dimensional tag.

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