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Wei in Czech VIIJET A360 small character graphic introduction spurt the code machine

Wei in Czech VIIJET A360 small character graphic introduction jet. the source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - 21 browsing: 0

small make up in the article is to share the related information about the A350 small characters cij printer, should according to the commitment to small make up today as we continue to share the related information about the A360 small characters cij printer, including all three types of small characters of machine is there are certain similarities between, included in the next article will share the A380 small spurt the cij printer characters.

wedding according to jie ( VIIGET) A360 small characters laser marking machine also has a simple operation and less maintenance, has excellent comprehensive performance, can greatly improve the production efficiency of the factory. Dedicated to meet customer continuous high-speed printing and special forms of demand printing and design, permanent longer free maintenance time, reduce unnecessary maintenance time and cost for the customer. The overall adopts modular design, change of module can more quick and easy. At the same time, adopting the advanced software algorithm can accurately locate every drop of ink, so as to achieve the perfect printing effect. As a whole stainless steel 304 chassis shell, strong and easy to clean and anti interference.

details about A360 small characters of machine parts as follows:

1, the linear velocity: spray publishing for 5 * 7 lattice, 4 line; Spray printing speed is 5 * 5, line can reach 400 m/min

2, height of character: according to the dot matrix font choice between 2 ~ 10 mm

3, spray printing distance: best spray print distance of 12 mm range of 5 ~ 20 mm

4, equipment keyboard: a standard computer keyboard, including 70 numeric keys, alphabetic keys such as, special function keys

5, display: 5. 6 inch 640 * 480 high-definition color display, information at a glance

6, can spray print information: spurt the cij printer is equipped with the pattern editor, so can follow one's inclinations of print all kinds of text, pattern, one dimensional, two dimensional barcode, random code, characters, Numbers, English, special spray printing, etc.

7, data interface, RS232 and RS485, rotary encoder, alarm and spray printing triggers, state of output, such as USB interface

8, case size: 598 mm * 388 mm * 338 mm ( High * * deep wide)

9, information storage: article 400 or the use of usb flash drive for unlimited storage

10, protection grade: ip65, all stainless steel cabinet

11, nozzle adopt modular heating, nozzle with 78 KHZ, 60 70 um um, optional; 42 mm in diameter and length of 245 mm

12, tube adopted high flexible pipe, length is 3 m

13, ink the mandrel has 12000 hours of free maintenance time

14, using intelligent solvent ink box composition, its capacity is 750 ml

15, temperature range is between 5 ° C ~ 45 ° C

16, electrical requirements for 100 ~ ~ 240 vac, 120/200, 50/60 hz, 120 w

17, weight of 25 kg

18, optional configuration have a shower bracket a, photoelectric sensor suite, alarm lamp, nozzle XYZ triaxial fine-tuning mechanism, shaft encoder, upright device, etc.

that's small make up to bring you about wei in Czech VIIJET A360 small characters related to spurt the cij printer information sharing, hope to be able to let you to this kind of small characters spurt the code machine have a more in-depth understanding, in the next article bring through for you about the A380 small characters jet. the share, please pay attention to oh ~

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