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What are the advantages and disadvantages of small character inkjet printers?

The small character inkjet printer adopts continuous inkjet technology. The ink dots leave the normal flight path through the charged offset of the ink, and project to the surface of the target printed matter to form a group of characters, numbers or graphics. It is widely used in food and beverage, Daily necessities, medicine, building materials, machinery, electronics, wires, cables, packaging and other industries. It can not only print regular content such as the third phase of the code (production date, shelf life, expiration date) to meet the needs of product sales, market circulation, etc., but also print barcodes, two-dimensional codes and other content. The advantages of small-character inkjet printers are as follows: 1. Small and light. Small-character inkjet printers are usually small in size, making it easy to integrate into the production line of enterprises. The small character inkjet printer is small and light, making it more convenient for workers in daily use and maintenance, and the height of the inkjet code is between 1.2mm-12mm. 2. Non-contact type Like the UV inkjet printer, the small character print head is a non-contact type inkjet marking device, which can complete the printing work without contacting the product, and will not damage the surface of the printed packaging. 3. Fast printing speed. Ordinary small font inkjet printer can print up to 300 meters per minute at a time. Taking mineral water bottles and drinking water bottles as examples, the printing speed can reach 1,000 bottles per minute. 4. Low initial investment

The performance of the small character inkjet printer is relatively stable, and the market price is relatively transparent. Generally, a good machine can be purchased from 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

The shortcomings of the small character inkjet printer logo are as follows: 1. The printing accuracy of the small character inkjet printer is lower than that of the high-resolution UV inkjet printer (above 200 DPI). Low, its printing recognition resolution is 32~48 pixels, and bitmap fonts can be seen intuitively instead of solid fonts. 2. The printing height is low. The printing height of small character cij printers is generally between 1mm-15mm. Many cij printer manufacturers will advertise that their equipment can print 20mm or 18mm height. In fact, few manufacturers can do that. Generally, small character cij printers can only print up to 5 lines of content. 3. High cost of consumables The consumables of the small-character inkjet printer include ink, thinner, and cleaning agent. Generally, ordinary ink is used, and the ink needs to be added with thinner. If the small-character inkjet printer is not turned on, the ink will also reduce volatility.

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