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What are the advantages of small character inkjet printers?

The small-character inkjet printer uses continuous inkjet technology to deflect the ink dots out of the normal flight path by means of electrified deflection of the ink, and shoot it to the surface of the target printed matter to form a dot matrix, thereby forming characters, numbers or graphics. Small character inkjet printers are widely used in food, beverage, daily necessities, medicine, building materials, pipe industry, machinery, electronics, wires, cables, packaging and other industries. Including the printing of packaging production batches, the printing of cosmetics production date, the printing of cards, the printing of carton characters, the printing of pattern identification, the printing of barcodes, etc. What are the advantages of the small character inkjet industrial inkjet printer? 1. Small and light. Small character cij printers are usually small in size and light in weight. They are easy to integrate into the production line of enterprises. Whether in general or special applications, their compactness and lightness make it more convenient for workers in daily use and maintenance. 2. Non-contact type Like the UV cij printer, the small character nozzle is also a non-contact coding and marking device. It does not need to be in contact with the product. It can also complete the printing work without damaging the surface of the printed packaging. 3. Fast printing speed. Single line printing of small character cij printer can reach 300 meters per minute. Taking mineral water bottle and beverage bottle date printing as an example, the printing speed of small characters can reach about 1,000 bottles per minute. 4. Low initial investment After decades of development, the technology of small character cij printers is relatively mature, the performance is relatively stable, and the market price is relatively transparent. Generally, 20,000 to 30,000 yuan can start a good machine.

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