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What are the advantages of using inkjet printers in the snack food industry?

Nowadays, the snack food industry is becoming more and more extensive. In the past, many industries used traditional printers to print on the appearance, but the effect was not good, and it did not meet the requirements of the industry. But now, with the continuous cij printer, all the problems encountered before can be solved. The use of continuous inkjet printers in the snack food industry has the following advantages. 1. It allows you to be creative and distinctive. The snack industry is highly competitive. Having a distinctive brand recognition and being able to stand out on the shelf is one of the elements of success. Coding technology allows you to bid farewell to plain packaging. It can print graphics, two-dimensional codes, bar codes, production dates and logos. 2. The printing effect is clear and beautiful. The quality of printing with traditional printers is not good, but it can be printed with continuous inkjet coding technology. The printed resolution is up to 360x720DPI, the effect is very clear, and the surface is exquisite, thereby improving the product image of. 3. Low-cost, high-efficiency continuous cij printers are cheaper than traditional printers. Traditional printers need to manually print one by one, and the effect is not as good as continuous inkjet printers. The cost is high and it wastes time and manpower. . The continuous inkjet printer does not need to manually print one by one, it automatically prints the code, which not only improves the work effect, but also saves labor and time, and the production cost is also low.

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