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What are the advantages of UV ink? -

Under what circumstances will the UV ink of the cij industrial inkjet printer leave hidden dangers to the production line? As far as the cij printers on the market are concerned, packaging inkjet printing with water-based inkjet printing as the main development target has formed a trend internationally. With the continuous strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the country's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. UV inks and environmentally friendly inks are also showing a rapid growth trend. The development of water-based inks is broader and will be favored by more customers. So why choose environmentally friendly UV ink? What are its unique advantages?

The first thing to be sure is the environmental protection of environmentally friendly UV inks. During the printing process, the water-based ink only emits water vapor and does not emit any volatile organic compounds. The printing site and surrounding environment are free from toxic organic compounds. Solvent pollution has excellent environmental protection performance. Oil-based inks contain a large amount of organic solvents, and these organic solvents are potentially harmful during production. The environmentally friendly UV ink does not contain organic solvents, which can reduce the residue on the surface of the printed matter, and it is easier to meet the product hygiene and safety requirements. The organic solvent itself is flammable and explosive, and the place where the organic solvent is used has a greater fire hazard. The UV ink warehouse and production workshop will not cause burning, explosion and other accidents due to the presence of flammable and explosive organic solvents.

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