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What are the bar codes of bar code printers?

The appearance of bar code printers has brought convenience to many industries. Let’s introduce the types of bar codes of bar code printers. At present, the types of bar codes widely used in the world are:

EAN, UPC, They are mainly used for commodity barcodes, and are the only commodity barcodes that are identified worldwide.

When we usually go to the supermarket to shop, the common ones are EAN and UPC barcodes. Among them,

EAN barcodes are widely used commodity barcodes in the world today, and have become the basis of electronic data interchange (EDI); UPC barcodes are mainly used in the United States and Canada;

Code39 Code-It can be used in the internal management of various industries by using numbers and letters together.

ITF25 code-this barcode is used more in logistics management.

Codebar code-this bar code is commonly found in libraries and photo galleries.

In addition to the one-dimensional barcodes mentioned above, two-dimensional barcodes have also developed rapidly in recent years and have been applied in many fields.

One-dimensional bar code (EAN code is a commodity bar code formulated by the International Article Numbering Association, which is used in the world. EAN code symbols are available in standard version (EAN-13) and shortened version (EAN-8). Kind of, the barcode usually printed on the packaging of commodities purchased daily in our country is the EAN code. UPC code

UPC code is a commodity barcode developed by the United States Uniform Code Committee, which is mainly used in the United States and Canada. This barcode can be seen on imported goods from the U.S. in supermarkets.

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