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What are the characteristics of the inkjet printer

Advanced start-up procedure The solvent is sprayed first when the machine is turned on, which avoids the malfunction and shutdown caused by the instantaneous ejection of ink jet water when the machine is turned on, and truly achieves a clean start-up, which greatly reduces the daily maintenance work. The advanced nozzle anti-blocking function has an independent solvent pump, which truly realizes the automatic nozzle cleaning, and automatically sprays the solvent to clean the nozzle and the recovery pipeline every time the machine is turned off, ensuring that the nozzle and ink pipeline are unimpeded when the machine is turned on next time, and improving the operation of the equipment stability. Adopting internationally advanced nozzle triple anti-blocking technology, independent nozzle cleaning procedure (reverse cleaning and jet solvent cleaning). The nozzle plate can be removed separately and placed in an ultrasonic container for cleaning, which can completely solve the clogging problem.  Advanced power-off protection system When the external power is suddenly cut off, the dedicated UPS power supply system can ensure that the equipment continues to run for a period of time, so that ink will not flow out of the nozzles, so as to protect the nozzle components and printed items to avoid contamination. The advanced ink viscosity automatic control system adopts the advanced ink viscosity control system and is automatically adjusted. It is not affected by environmental temperature changes and the length of the boot time, so that the cij printer always maintains the perfect printing quality. The viscosity control adopts the detection float movement. The time method is more accurate and reliable than the dripping time method used by other brands of cij printers to detect ink.  Perfect operation interface Adopt Pinyin input method and location input method, built-in a full set of Chinese character library, large-screen LCD display, direct dot matrix editing function, edit and spray, what you see is what you get, the operation is more convenient, and it can store multiple pieces of information. It has the function of printing three-line combination and pattern anti-counterfeiting, flexible selection of rows and columns, more beautiful fonts, and more powerful functions. Unique printing function. Garbled printing function that can be docked with the computer. It can receive the bmp pattern prepared by the computer. Photoelectric synchronization, synchronizer synchronization and distance, online one-time detection of n-time printing, saving consumables, using optimized ink system design, using small ink cylinders, small pipe diameter pipelines, lower ink operating pressure and other special ink paths, greatly reducing The flow rate and disturbance of the fluid in the pipeline are effectively controlled, and the solvent volatilization is effectively controlled. The consumption is only 10-20% of the traditional air source machine and 60-70% of the gear pump machine, making the inkjet printer the world One of the most cost-effective cij printers.

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have three basic components.

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